Data Center Solutions. Where do we start? Why are they beneficial to a company? How are they maintained? Are there solutions to keep costs down? These are a few questions that popped into my head when I first heard about data centers.

First off, what is a data center? In simplest form, it is physical building or space within your company that maintains and manages your IT environment.

With that being said, in order to keep a data center running, physical hardware, power and people are needed to maintain the physical environment. Which translates to MONEY! MONEY! MONEY!

When you maintain and manage a data center, there are needs that need to be fulfilled. A crucial need is physical hardware. Hardware needs range anywhere from servers, storage systems, and networking gear to switches, routers, and telephone equipment. On top of all that, there needs to be support for all the physical hardware, just in case something breaks. Support includes batteries, cooling systems, and cabling! To sum it up, the needs mentioned are the basics of keeping a data center running!

Let’s move to the services part! What if something breaks in the data center? Well, that’s where services come into play. Services range anywhere from a data center technician having to fix an issue, to having to install a server in your environment.

Here comes the juicy part… a lot of business data centers vary, which creates different needs! A small business may want to maintain their own data center because of costs compared to a large business, where it’s more time and resources consuming to maintain their own data center. Not all businesses may have a data center on-premise; therefore, they may have another company maintain and manage their environment at a different location. These locations are better known as co-locations or “colos”. Colos are very popular with cloud service providers. Think of it as a safe deposit box at the bank where all your important valuables are stored, and you pay someone to take care of them! Pretty cool, huh?

Yes, there are solutions to keep costs down in the data center. A few of these factors include consolidating data center sites, negotiating all hardware, maintenance contracts, and delaying the procurement of new equipment. By consolidating multiple data centers into less, you remove redundant physical hardware, maintenance, and support. By negotiating hardware and maintenance contracts, you decrease your monthly payments and get rid of the expensive resources. Finally, not having the most up-to-date equipment helps tremendously.

Data centers can be complex, time consuming, and expensive. They are a crucial part to keeping a business running effectively, but there are always solutions to help keep costs at a minimum while giving you peace of mind.

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