From an infrastructure point-of-view, where does ReluTech really shine? Well, I would say that three vital parts of our company are storage, network, and servers. But right now, I will dive a little more into storage.

ReluTech is a very unique company because we bring different services to the table that your common resellers do not. A perfect example of this would be our N-1 options. What is N-1, you ask? Let me simply define it:

N = Current generation

-1 = minus 1

So, N-1 = 1 Generation behind the current.

Now that we have our nomenclature down, allow me to share a great use case involving Data Domain: Data Domain model 9500 has been replaced by the DD9900 (N). Yet, many customers don’t need the full capacity of the newer 9900 and a DD9500 may be adequate. Because Dell no longer sells the DD9500 (N-1), they are forced to propose the DD9900. Yet, take a look at the price difference for New versus a N-1 option:

Price for a Data Domain DD9500 w/ 360TB Raw (263TB usable) is $160,000.

Price for a Data Domain DD9900 w/ 360TB Raw (263TB usable) is >$500,000.

Significant savings indeed! Just because there are newer models, doesn’t mean the last version is outdated. ReluTech has many N-1 options that are more than capable of getting the job done, even at a much better price. What are you needing and have you investigated an N-1 option?

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