At ReluTech, we have a process called the Migration Bubble Buster Strategy, or MBBS, to make cloud migration easier and cost effective. This five-step process includes Discovery, Data Center Evacuation as a Service, Maintenance, Staffing, and Disposal. Today, I am going to elaborate more on the second step: Data Center Evacuation as a Service, or DCEaaS.


It’s no secret that migrating to the cloud can get expensive. Traditionally, you would need money upfront to pay for the cloud migration process, while still dealing with the running costs and maintenance of your current infrastructure. With DCEaaS, ReluTech will buy all of the equipment in your data center and lease it back to you at a set monthly rate. You can keep using your current infrastructure while getting the upfront capital you need to move to the cloud. ReluTech will also maintain all of the equipment during the migration for a fraction of the cost comparing to traditional OEMs. As new servers in the cloud spin up, old servers are taken offline and removed.

ReluTech makes moving to the cloud easier with the buy/leaseback option, freeing up value in your current infrastructure and giving you a predictable monthly expense until the migration is complete. Once complete, ReluTech will remove, pack, ship and wipe all data from your old hardware before recycling. ReluTech’s migration strategy is perfect for companies that want to move to the cloud, but don’t have the budget available to start the migration process.

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About the author | Cody Gentile

Cody Gentile is the Audit Technician here at ReluTech. In the office, Cody handles incoming and outgoing shipments along with testing and auditing the equipment we buy and sell. Outside of work, Cody enjoys video games, photography, and motorcycling.

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