As a full-blown IT solutions provider, ReluTech provides a vast amount of services across the technology space. If a drive or network switch fails in the morning, we can get you a new one before your lunch break. If your data center technician unexpectedly quits right before the holidays and you need an extra set of hands to keep the lights on, we’ll have three resumes on your desk from eager, qualified candidates that you’ll have a hard time picking between. If you find yourself paying a premium price to maintain legacy equipment that you think will be too risky to migrate off, we’ll put that machine under one of our maintenance contracts at a price and SLA you’re not going to get anywhere else. 

Our sales and operations staff are truly dedicated to being heroes for our customers. So much so that if you present them with any problem, they’ll find a solution. In fact, you can read about multiple occasions where we’ve come to the rescue here.

All of these examples are great use cases for us and as a company, we love to solve those types of problems. But our ideal potential customer is a company that is preparing to migrate all their applications to the cloud. Why? Because everyone moving to the cloud needs:

ReluTech provides all of these services and much more. You can read about how we reduce costs and time during your cloud migration process through our Migration Bubble Busting Strategy.

Migrating to the cloud is a worthwhile investment for any business; but much like most worthwhile investments, it is tremendously expensive. In addition, the process is wildly complicated and in almost every single case, it takes longer than expected, making an ever bigger hole in your wallet. Therefore, a lot of companies outsource migrations to cloud migration consulting firms. ReluTech is not one of these firms and they are not just another vendor. When you engage with ReluTech, we become a true partner in the process. We advise you throughout the entire process and base our recommendations off industry expertise, research, trends, and most importantly your unique needs.

Learn more about our Migration Bubble Buster Strategy here.