One of my all-time favorite superheroes has always been The Flash! I mean, come on… what’s cooler than being able to run so fast that everything else appears to be standing still? I can l vividly remember when I was a kid and thinking I was the fastest runner in gym class… No one could touch me. True story. One year, I got a new pair of shoes with light-up lightning bolts on the side. I could have sworn my speed increased 10x wearing those shoes!

Why am I sharing this with you? Recently, ReluTech added a core value to the five we already had (Be The Customers Hero, Act Like an Owner, Work Hard and Hustle, Winning Together, Pay It Forward). If you hadn’t guessed it already, the new value is Need for Speed. What does this mean? Simply put, the world is changing quickly, and our customers are innovating at an incredible speed. A speed that human history has never seen. At ReluTech, we understand that we need to move at a pace that exceeds our competitors, and even our customers. We aren’t afraid to make decisions and take calculated risks. We don’t suffer from analysis paralysis. And, we acknowledge that sometimes we will make a mistake, but we also know that making decisions and learning as we go is far better than doing nothing.

This is just one more reason why I love what I do. I get to be a real-life superhero every day, so it’s not pretend anymore! Speed is my power and even though I don’t have shoes with a light-up lightning bolt anymore, I am still Faster than Flash. Each day is a new challenge with a new obstacle to overcome. Not only am I given the tools to make calculated decisions at a superhero pace, but also given the power to reduce the stress off my customers back by letting them know in an instance “I got this” and meaning it. While I still think I am the fastest runner in our office, we are all superhero’s at ReluTech when it comes to our customers.


Meet Kyle Whitmire, a Senior Account Executive here at ReluTech. In the office, Kyle’s day-to-day consists of having strategic conversations with current and potential customers around driving costs out of their data centers. Outside of the office, Kyle enjoys spending time with his family, doing crossfit, and playing soccer.

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