ReluTech is an IT solutions company, born in the cloud. Over the past few years, public cloud technology has been growing at a break-neck pace and companies are doing all they can to keep up with the rapid change. However, many companies hit roadblocks early in the process that either slow down or prevent their migration to the cloud. Here at ReluTech, we aim to remove some of those barriers so that our clients can get to the cloud quickly and affordably.

We operate around a few key areas (Talent Solutions, Hardware, and Third-Party Maintenance) to help our client’s cloud migration process more successful. We can lower the cost burden of the data center by providing affordable hardware, third-party maintenance plans that can significantly undercut OEMs, and the decommissioning of hardware post-migration. This is taken a step further by our Data Center Purchase Leaseback option, which would give your business an immediate capital injection while moving your data center costs from a capital expenditure to operational expenditure. This can significantly ease the financial burden of moving to the cloud. 

After our clients have moved to the cloud, the most common struggle we’ve seen is finding talented cloud professionals to maintain and grow that environment. Luckily, ReluTech’s cloud-certified Talent Solutions team is ready to help. We have a proven track record of finding top-tier cloud resources for permanent, contract, and contract-to-hire roles and have built teams for Fortune 100 companies, startups, and even leading cloud consulting firms.

More recently, ReluTech has developed a 5-step process called the Migration Bubble Buster Strategy (MBBS). This strategy uses all of our services in a strategic manner to help companies cut costs and time during their migration process.

  1. The first step is Discovery, where we discover and assess your current-state IT inventory.
  2. The second step is Purchase Leaseback, where we buy our customer’s assets and lease it back to them during their migration process.
  3. The third step is Maintenance, where we maintain your hardware for a low cost and with very flexible contracts.
  4. The fourth step is Talent Solutions, where our team helps find top Cloud Professionals you need to take on your IT transformation.
  5. The fifth step is Asset Disposition, where we de-install services, wipe data, and recycle the hardware.

Our goal is to find the obstacles that are keeping our clients from moving to the cloud and either alleviating them or removing them entirely. Reach out today to see what ReluTech can do for you!


About the author | Chris Youngblood

Chris Youngblood is a Cloud Recruitment Consultant here at ReluTech. His top priority is to help our clients find top IT talent and reach out to candidates to help them find new and exciting job opportunities! Outside of the office, Chris enjoys writing music, exercising, and watching movies.

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