Atlanta, GA – March 18th, 2020 – ReluTech’s former parent company, Relus Cloud, was once the fastest-growing AWS premier consulting collaborator in the Southeast. ReluTech is excited to continue its relationship with Amazon Web Services (AWS) by joining the AWS Partner Network (APN) as a Select Tier Technology Partner. This new venture will allow ReluTech, AWS, and their customers to work hand in hand to deliver a service that funds migrations to the cloud.

ReluTech CEO, Mark Metz, states: “Joining the APN gives us the opportunity to prove exponentially more impactful to AWS and its customers than my previous business (which was a tremendous success). The move to the cloud is now inevitable for companies that want to innovate and thrive – but lack of financial resources and skill-sets creates major barriers. Companies can’t just flip a switch and magically be in the cloud. Our model helps eliminate these barriers.”

ReluTech’s new program, known as the Migration Bubble Buster Strategy (MBBS), is already proving value to our customers. With over 50 launched opportunities in just 4 months, this 5-step program has both eased and accelerated the migration process for customers who are starting their journey to the cloud.

The 5 steps of MBBS include:

  1. Discovery: 
    • ReluTech will discover hardware assets in your data center.
  2. Purchase/Leaseback
    • ReluTech will purchase your customer’s legacy hardware and lease it back to the customer for the duration of the migration schedule.
  3. Maintenance
    • ReluTech will maintain legacy hardware up to 80% less than OEMs, which will prevent hardware refreshes for cloud-committed customers.
  4. Talent Solutions
    • ReluTech can provide its customers with the talent needed to complete their cloud projects.
  5. Asset Disposition
    • ReluTech eliminates the headache of decommissioning of hardware after a migration is complete.

ReluTech is growing fast, and this meteoric growth has not only allowed ReluTech’s relationship with AWS to grow, but its internal MBBS team has tripled since its launch. ReluTech CEO, Mark Metz, says “ReluTech is excited to continue their strategic relationship with AWS and to grow within the APN.”


 About ReluTech

ReluTech is a full-scope IT solutions provider in the data center and cloud marketplace. The company is focused on reducing operational expenses in the data center, solving people challenges through staffing and consulting solutions, and eliminating the rising cloud cost during the transformation from Data Center to Cloud.