With the layoffs starting to build across certain industries, I am seeing people caught off guard and put in a precarious situation because they have never had to search for a job before. As the Lead Cloud Recruitment Consultant at ReluTech, I have a couple of words of advice for people newer to LinkedIn and having to start that emergency job search that include:

1. Make sure your candidate setting is set to “Open to Opportunities”. You exponentially increase your chances of recruiters, like myself, reaching out to you.

2. Update your current/most recent position with all of the cool technologies and tools you have worked with. The reality is, buzzwords do help. Your profile should look similar to your resume.

3. Interact and connect with professionals in your field, as well as recruiters/HR Managers/etc. We will know which companies are hiring and which companies are holding until this time period passes.

Please reach out if you know anyone in need of assistance, even outside the IT space. I would be happy to review resumes, give interviews, give job-search advice, etc.