Atlanta, GA – March 27th, 2020 – ReluTech is taking the necessary actions to ensure that its employees, customers, and partners are taken care of during this COVID-19 outbreak. We have been closely monitoring the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website to follow the precautions and actions they suggest, and we have made it a priority to keep our employees and customers safe during this time. Below we have listed the actions we have been advised to follow in order to ensure the health and safety of our people.

Internally, we have monitored the COVID-19 situation to ensure that any potential risks are being recognized and taken care of. We have implemented an employee work from home policy, employee travel restrictions, nightly deep cleaning of the building for employees who are essential to work on-site, office-wide hand sanitizing stations, and lastly, constant communication with partners, vendors, consultants, and clients.

Regarding our on-site maintenance personnel, we have strict protocols to ensure the safety of your team and environments. Although we are not experiencing any delays in our maintenance services, our maintenance team is following the CDC recommended sanitation for all personnel visiting your facilities.

For our Talent Solutions department, our team is making sure all employer/employee actions are being held remotely and complying with our customer’s company policies. We are implementing strategies to ensure safe hiring, such as constant communication with all ReluTech consultants, remote interview processes, and remote contractor positions.

ReluTech COO, Scott Luce, says, “We are doing everything we can to ensure the safety of our employees, partners, vendors, and customers. We have been monitoring the CDC guidelines daily and making sure we follow the proper safety guidelines. Although this is a very tough time, we will continue to work hard, whether it’s remotely or on-site, to help our customers with talent and infrastructure services.”

During this time of extreme uncertainties, we are doing all we can to properly communicate to our teams, continue being our customer’s heroes, and most importantly ensure the health and safety of both our organization and yours.


About ReluTech

ReluTech is a full-scope IT solutions provider in the data center and cloud marketplace. The company is focused on reducing operational expenses in the data center, solving people challenges through staffing and consulting solutions, and eliminating the rising cloud cost during the transformation from Data Center to Cloud.

ReluTech’s mission statement is: “We work hard to be the company customers recommend, employees are proud of, and our community values.”