Being the Customer’s Hero is one of our biggest values here at ReluTech. We stay true to this value every day, especially since our customers are so important to us.

Over a year ago, I had the opportunity to put that value into action for one of the largest telecommunication companies in the United States. This company was getting overcharged for support by HPE, as their data center costs surpassed $500,000 to keep their large HPE server infrastructure supported. Each server was under a separate contract, making their maintenance agreements disorganized, inconvenient, and difficult to track. Additionally, the OEM’s customer service was not meeting the customer’s needs on many levels, including slow turnaround time and inflexible contracts.

When I first told my contact at this company what our maintenance prices were for a better level of support and service, I could tell that she was in awe; there was silence for about a minute before she responded in excitement.

We ended up co-terming their server contracts and saving this company over 75% on their HPE renewal. These enormous cost savings resulted in a significant decrease in layoffs at this company and allowed them to allocate more capital for their cloud migration initiatives. This is just one example of how ReluTech strives to save the day and be the customer’s hero in the data center.