Alternative maintenance, also known as third party maintenance, is an interesting offering. It’s a service filled with massive cost savings, flexibility, buying power, and leverage for companies that own data center hardware.

For the better part of a decade, I have been laser-focused in the alternative maintenance market and have a blast watching the lightbulb go off for Directors of IT, CIO’s, and CFO’s when their maintenance spend go down dramatically and their flexibility in budget increase when they make the choice to leverage alternative maintenance.

It’s similar to the realization that you can take your vehicle to get a repair, oil change, etc. at your local mechanic for 70% less and in half the amount of time than the dealership – the land of long wait times, inflated prices, and an ever-growing list of “things that are wrong with your car that you should fix right now…or just trade it in and buy a new one.” – how about not?

In this article series, I am going to discuss three major reasons the alternative maintenance market is booming right now, which are also situations that you might be in the middle of yourself:

  • Cloud adoption – more and more companies are moving away from running 100% of their business on physical servers and storage.
  • Budget decreases – in the current economic state, IT departments’ major initiatives have most likely been put on hold or paused to find out what the remainder of 2020 holds.
  • Customer awareness – for the longest time, companies have been stuck in an artificial 3-year refresh cycle designed by OEM’s. With options like the cloud, customers are no longer beholden to the almighty OEM hardware and maintenance.

I look forward to diving into each of the three topics above and uncovering why alternative maintenance is a key component for each issue.


Josiah Deegan is our Director of Sales Operations here at ReluTech. In the office, Josiah oversees all of our Infrastructure and Maintenance Account Executives! Outside of the office, he enjoys fishing, mountain biking, and spending time with his family.

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