AgVoice, a Software Company in Georgia, Saved 80% During Its Migration Process



Services Provided

Cloud Migration & Nerd Rabbit Talent Solutions


“We knew we needed to migrate to AWS, but were faced with a significant hurdle. ReluTech provided a unique solution that was not presented to us by any consulting companies. As a growth company with limited capital, we could not afford excessive expenses to keep legacy systems operating while simultaneously investing in cloud resources. With ReluTech’s “Migration Bubble Buster” solution, we instantly saw the results we were looking for!”

Bruce Rasa



Date: December 2019

About The Company:

As a leader in voice technology in the food and agricultural ecosystem, AgVoice empowers fast and real-time data capture and analytics on the go for the global food sector.

Top Values Provided:

  • Time-Effective Cloud Migration
  • Cost-Effective Cloud Migration
  • Legacy System Support


With an increased demand for their ground-breaking voice capture technology, AgVoice’s growth was constrained by their expensive legacy systems. Using these existing systems made new customer acquisition difficult to accomplish in a timely manner; it took over three months because it required customizations of the product. To reach their potential and keep their business alive, AgVoice needed to move their application to a more agile platform while keeping costs down.

ReluTech Solution

ReluTech reduced the time and costs associated with AgVoice’s migration to AWS by using their cloud migration steps. Specifically, ReluTech reduced operational costs of AgVoice’s legacy systems by lowering maintenance costs. In addition, ReluTech filled critical positions with AWS certified professionals who were capable of handling this complex migration.


As a result of working with ReluTech and moving to AWS, AgVoice dramatically lowered its operational costs by 80%. This result sped up software deployments for new customers, cutting the implementation time down from three months to an average of one week. CEO, Bruce Rasa says:

“The ReluTech team helped us optimize our operational spend with a major reduction in costs. This enabled us to quickly deliver a range of paid projects for some of the largest food & agriculture enterprise partners in the world, in a cost-effective manner. We are now working with two of the top three seed companies in the world and have secured $1.5 million in funding.”

With these accomplishments, AgVoice is now positioned to be a leader in this multi-billion dollar industry.

AWS Outcome

As part of their migration, AgVoice used Dynamo DB, Lambda, and Cognito User Pools in their latest innovation. CEO Bruce Rasa says, “This strong foundation enables us to lay on ML & AI capabilities that leverage the high-value field data streams and enable our partners to make better time-critical decisions faster.” ReluTech placed candidates to architect their solution to be scalable, allowing them to meet the demands of new, multi-billion dollar customers. With the industry’s focus on tracking and proving the source of crops on 10 billion acres of farmland, AgVoice’s need for a scalable system will continue to grow as they do.