A Manufacturer and Retailer in Wisconsin Cuts Costs on Its Migration


Manufacturing & Retail

Services Provided

Asset Disposition, Maintenance, and Cloud Migration

Working with ReluTech allowed us to enable our cloud-first strategy by assisting in two key ways, lowering costs on our maintenance contracts and finding value in old assets to help reduce overall costs of current projects. With the money we were provided on old gear, we were able to fully offset the costs of our maintenance contracts with ReluTech.

Sr. Manager - Server, Cloud, DevOps


Date: March 2020

About The Company:

This Fortune 100 company manufactures and distributes home furniture products and accessories across the globe, using over 800 independently owned and corporate-owned retail stores.

Top Values Provided:

  • Significant Cost Savings
  • Asset Disposition
  • Cost-Effective Cloud Migration


The COVID-19 pandemic dramatically impacted retailers across the globe and put a freeze on all projects for this company. With cloud migration as their top priority, this retailer faced several challenges. First, they had legacy assets that needed extended support while their workloads were on-premise. Second, they needed help removing gear that was decommissioned and moved to the cloud.

ReluTech Solution

ReluTech assisted this company during a time where no additional budget was allocated towards IT projects. ReluTech provided a low-cost, flexible maintenance contract for hardware that was not completely decommissioned. Additionally, ReluTech bought old, decommissioned gear that took up space in their data center, which helped this retailer fully fund their maintenance contract.


ReluTech provided this company with flexible, cost-effective support for a mission-critical system, allowing them to stay under budget during the COVID-19 pandemic. Further, this retailer repurposed the 50% cost savings from old assets that ReluTech purchased to fully pay for a support contract that is still mission-critical.