A Software Company in Georgia Saved 40% On Hardware in Quick Turnaround Time



Services Provided



“ReluTech has always been our go-to vendor no matter what the request. They consistently strive to go above and beyond  no matter how aberrant the request, they’ve helped us go from concept to reality.”

Chief Technology Officer


Date: November 2019

About The Company:

Owned by community-oriented investors, this company is a startup technology company located in Georgia, mostly known for providing the first “fiber to the home” (FTTH) Internet and video content services.

Top Values Provided:

  • Server Buildout
  • Significant Cost Savings
  • Quick Turnaround


This telecommunications company needed an entire server environment built, which was crucial for providing internet for their customers. Since they were a start-up company they also needed a warranty for their servers at a low cost. Time was critical in this project. Without this mission-critical environment, they wouldn’t be able to provide the FTTH service to their customers.

ReluTech Solution

Having handled situations like this before, ReluTech was quickly able to build out the company’s server environment and provide warranties on these servers, significantly saving them both time and money in the process.


With the addition of their new server environment and warranty solutions, the company has been able to confidently provide services to their customers without the fear of Internet outages, while saving 40% on hardware in the process. ReluTech’s quick turn-around time was essential in getting this environment operational within only two weeks, allowing the customer to have a much faster return on their investment.