PEACHTREE CORNERS, GA — ReluTech, a Catalyst Tech Ventures (CTV) company and provider of third-party maintenance (TPM) services, is proud to introduce its re:Leaf™ Hardware Support Services. This pioneering initiative aims to significantly reduce the environmental impact of ReluTech’s TPM services without compromising the exceptional customer support they are known for.

re:Leaf™ Hardware Support Services demonstrates ReluTech’s commitment to sustainability by incorporating eco-friendly practices throughout its entire service process demonstrating a forward-thinking approach to minimizing its ecological footprint while continuing to deliver exceptional services to clients worldwide.

Key features of the new offering include:

  • Carbon-Neutral service calls. The carbon footprint of each engagement will be measured with the goal of significantly reducing our carbon footprint and buying carbon offsets for any impact that can not be reduced or eliminated.   
  • Geographic optimization of all on-site service technicians with the goal of eliminating any significant travel. 
  • Deployment of electric vehicles when possible for on-site service visits
  • Use of post-consumer recycled materials for shipping materials
  • Planting a tree for every device registered in ReluTech’s IT Divest Management Portal

By partnering with UK-based Evertreen to plant trees in parts of Kenya, the Amazon, and other parts of the world experiencing significant deforestation, ReluTech’s program represents a step forward in the third-party maintenance industry. ReluTech continues to pave the way for sustainable, environmentally responsible third-party maintenance solutions.

“At ReluTech, sustainability has always been a top priority. I’m excited to introduce our latest initiative, which not only offers cost savings of 50-70% compared to OEMs but also incorporates environmental benefits into our services,” says Mark Metz, Founder & CEO at ReluTech, “Our customers can now make a positive impact on the planet while still saving money.”


Last year, ReluTech collaborated with GreenPlaces to become carbon neutral. In addition, they completed their initial annual carbon appraisal and ReluTech took appropriate action to reduce and counterbalance emissions where necessary. ReluTech takes pride in participating in Earth Day 2023 by planting new trees and expanding access to eco-friendly data center services by supporting this year’s “Invest in Our Planet” theme.

About ReluTech: ReluTech is an IT solutions provider focused on reducing infrastructure data center costs for cloud-committed customers. We provide cost-effective solutions for customers who own physical data center assets, unlocking today’s capital value of their equipment to offset the costs of migrating. To learn more about our services, visit our website.

For more information about sustainability or re:Leaf Support at ReluTech, visit the Sustainability page on our website, or contact Liz Gensheimer at