In the rapidly evolving landscape of cloud computing, migrating from on-premises VMware environments to AWS stands as a strategic imperative for businesses aiming to enhance performance, security, and cost efficiency. With recent changes to the VMware licensing structure, many companies are faced with a new question. Should they continue running VMware on-prem on traditional hardware environments, or should they consider a migration to AWS and eliminate the VMware layer. There are pros and cons to both solutions. Leveraging the AWS VMware Migration Accelerator (VMA), businesses can now significantly reduce costs, accelerate migration timelines, and mitigate migration risks by moving to AWS with native virtualization capabilities.

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Why Migrate VMware Workloads to AWS? 

1. Cost-Effectiveness 

Migrating to AWS can result in substantial cost savings. The AWS VMA offers promotional credits for migrating VMware Cloud on AWS workloads to Amazon EC2, with incentives that vary based on the volume of migrated VMs. For instance, migrating over 80 VMs in a month can earn a business up to $400 credit per migrated VM. These credits can be used towards any metered AWS service, providing a direct reduction in operational costs.

2. Enhanced Performance and Security 

AWS provides an optimized environment for VMware workloads, ensuring high performance and enhanced security. By transitioning to AWS, companies can benefit from AWS’s robust infrastructure, which includes comprehensive compliance and security frameworks to protect data and operations.

3. Operational Reliability 

AWS’s global infrastructure offers unparalleled availability and reliability, ensuring that enterprise applications run smoothly with minimal downtime. This is crucial for businesses that rely on continuous availability for their operations.

Accelerating Migration with AWS Application Migration Service 

AWS Application Migration Service allows businesses to rehost VMware Cloud on AWS workloads directly to Amazon EC2 without the need for refactoring, thus minimizing downtime. This tool is designed to simplify and expedite the migration process, enabling businesses to meet critical timelines and reduce the complexity associated with large-scale migrations.

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Incentive Structure Under the VMware Migration Accelerator 

Tiered Promotional Credits 

The VMA incentive program is structured in tiers, providing greater rewards for higher volumes of migrated VMs:

  • Tier 1: Migrate over 80 VMs per month and receive $400 per VM. 
  • Tier 2: Migrate 40 to 79 VMs per month and receive $200 per VM.

Credits are applied to the AWS accounts running the migrated workloads and are valid for one year from the disbursement date. This tiered system encourages businesses to accelerate their migration plans.

Frequently Asked Questions About VMware to AWS Migration

What workloads are eligible for VMA incentives? 

Only migrations from VMware Cloud on AWS to EC2 are eligible for VMA incentives. For other platforms like on-premises or different clouds (Azure, GCP, OCI), businesses should consider the AWS Migration Acceleration Program.

Do migrated Linux VMs on VMC-A qualify for incentives? 

Yes, all VMs, irrespective of the operating system, qualify for the VMA program incentives.

Is the AWS Application Migration Service mandatory for receiving incentives? 

While it is recommended for its efficiency, using the AWS Application Migration Service is not mandatory for qualifying for VMA incentives. 

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How ReluTech Can Facilitate Your Migration 

As businesses face increasing license costs due to changes in VMware’s ownership and pricing structures, many are considering either absorbing these costs or re-platforming to alternative solutions. ReluTech offers a strategic third option: migrating to a more cost-effective solution funded partly by AWS and ReluTech investments.

Customized Migration Solution 

ReluTech offers comprehensive cloud migration solutions that can significantly aid businesses transitioning their VMware workloads to AWS. Key offerings include:

Asset Purchase and Leaseback 

ReluTech can buy your redundant IT hardware, providing immediate funds to support your migration efforts. They also offer leaseback options, allowing you to continue using your equipment during the migration process, ensuring a smooth transition.

Elastic Maintenance 

By taking over maintenance of all legacy equipment, ReluTech helps reduce the maintenance costs that often burden organizations during cloud migration. This cost saving can be redirected towards funding the migration.

Migration Gap Rental 

ReluTech provides rental of certified refurbished equipment for the duration of your migration. This allows for flexible and cost-effective scaling of resources as needed.

Unplug to Monetize 

This service helps decommission and monetize obsolete equipment, ensuring compliance with data sanitization standards. It turns potential e-waste into financial resources that can further support the cloud transition.

Through these services, ReluTech not only facilitates a financially feasible migration path but also aligns with AWS’s capabilities to ensure a seamless transition from VMware environments to AWS. For more details on ReluTech’s solutions, you can visit our cloud migration solutions page.

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What’s Next? 

The strategic migration of VMware workloads to AWS, supported by incentives like the AWS VMware Migration Accelerator, offers businesses a pathway to reduced costs, enhanced operational efficiency, and improved security. By partnering with ReluTech, companies can navigate the complexities of migration with expert guidance, ensuring a successful transition to the cloud. This strategic move not only aligns with modern cloud-first strategies but also positions businesses for scalable growth and competitive advantage in their respective industries. 

Contact ReluTech today to ask about how we can ensure a smooth transition to AWS during the most historic shift in the VM market to date.