[Atlanta, GA]: Today, EPI-USE, an Advanced AWS Partner and 40-year expert in SAP, Microsoft Workloads, and AWS managed services, announced their partnership with ReluTech, a leading provider of IT solutions including third-party maintenance, hardware procurement, IT asset disposition (ITAD), and cloud migration services. The partnership allows EPI-USE clients to fund their cloud modernization by leveraging ReluTech’s comprehensive data center solutions and asset value recovery services.

EPI-USE and ReluTech’s partnership works in concert with the EPI-USE Safe Harbor, Inclusive of Passage (SHIP) Migration program. SHIP’s AWS-certified experts assess the company’s SAP landscape, build a targeted business plan, and provide the company with a proof of concept to test before moving to the cloud on AWS. ReluTech’s asset management experts work alongside EPI-USE cloud center teams to assess the value of data center assets early in the process. During the company’s cloud migration with EPI-USE, ReluTech provides maintenance support and manages the final asset disposition after deployment to the cloud.

This partnership breaks the double-bubble trap many organizations experience during their cloud migration wherein they pay for cloud services as well as the maintenance and removal of their data center assets during the migration process. Key benefits of the program include:

  • Combining ReluTech’s Hardware buyback and leasing options with access to AWS’s MAP funding, a client can significantly reduce the cost of their on-premises to AWS migration.
  • Maximizing the value of legacy hardware assets through ReluTech’s IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) services.
  • Avoiding OEM vendor lock-in with flexible third-party maintenance options.
  • Bridging the migration gap with ReluTech’s hardware rental and leasing services.
  • Reducing data center maintenance costs during migration with ReluTech’s customizable and cost-effective maintenance plans.

The partnership between ReluTech and EPI-USE further strengthens the mutual investments between EPI-USE and AWS, building on their recent collaboration agreement that cemented the combined focus on SAP migrations to AWS. EPI-USE has affirmed their commitment to client satisfaction by providing increased funding, expertise, and excellence at every stage of the migration journey through multiple partnerships. This dedication to excellence in client services keeps pace with EPI-USE migration services like the SHIP methodology that strives to ease the burden of migration through consistent client collaboration.

“It’s a win for our clients.” said Carel Bekker, Head of AWS Services at EPI-USE AWS Services. “The addition of ReluTech IT asset lifecycle services securely and sustainably completes the data center hardware lifecycle while significantly reducing costs for our clients as they experience the unparalleled customized approach to SAP and Microsoft workload migrations and managed services we provide with our SHIP methodology.”

“Our partnership with EPI-USE marks a significant advancement in our mission to empower businesses with accelerated cloud transitions through comprehensive data center services,” said Seth Hester, CRO of ReluTech. “By combining ReluTech’s extensive suite of solutions, from third-party maintenance to ITAD, with EPI-USE’s deep AWS expertise, we can help businesses shift their migration timelines up significantly.”

Through this partnership, EPI-USE and ReluTech, deliver a complete solution that covers the entire IT asset lifecycle, enabling organizations to focus on innovation in the AWS cloud. ReluTech’s services, including secure data destruction, e-waste recycling, and asset value recovery, seamlessly integrate with EPI-USE’s cloud migration and modernization expertise. Together the providers will help clients achieve a faster, more cost-effective transition to the cloud while responsibly managing the retirement of their legacy IT infrastructure.

About EPI-USE: EPI-USE is a recognized leader in designing, building, and implementing cloud-based, hybrid and on-premises SAP systems for large, complex multinational corporations and public sector agencies. As an Advanced AWS Partner and certified AWS Managed Service provider, EPI-USE partners with companies to modernize and maintain their AWS services for SAP, Microsoft on AWS, Mendix on AWS, and Kubernetes services. EPI-USE serves over 4,000 companies in 40 countries.

About ReluTech: ReluTech specializes in accelerating cloud migration with comprehensive solutions tailored for AWS, VMware, and SAP environments. Services include asset and contract management via a free to use portal, hardware decommissioning, and certified data erasure and disposition, ensuring secure transitions. ReluTech’s asset purchase leaseback program provides flexible financing, infusing capital back into migration projects. This program enables businesses to accelerate their migration timelines, offering tailored payment plans, real-time asset tracking, and substantial cost savings.

For media inquiries, please contact:
Carel Bekker, Head of AWS Services at EPI-USE

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