Asset Purchase

Or Leaseback

ReluTech’s founders are pioneers in the IT remarketing and leasing business. They leveraged their expertise into an industry-first solution to help customers turn legacy data center equipment into cash, while saving money in IT operations. This means major funds you can repurpose to your AWS migration!

The major obstacles when moving to AWS are usually not technical; the most challenging barriers are people, legacy processes, and legacy technologies. ReluTech helps overcome these legacy challenges in the following ways:

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Straight Purchase

ReluTech will purchase your equipment in alignment with your migration schedule as the equipment becomes available, providing you with a consistent cash infusion to fund your migration strategy.
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Purchase Leaseback

We also offer a Purchase Leaseback solution where we buy and lease equipment back to you during the length of the migration, providing a cash infusion upfront to bridge the gap between on-premise to the cloud. This solution creates a more predictable financial outcome, removes these assets from your balance sheet, and provides you with locked-in residual value.  We’ll partner with your AWS account team to determine the length of the lease and bill you on a monthly basis until your migration is complete. All server, storage, and networking equipment qualifies for this program. Our Purchase Leaseback solution is designed to help lower risk as you migrate to AWS while also helping finance your journey to the cloud. 
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How It Works

  1. You receive a check for your product.
  2. We lease it back to you over the life of the migration.
  3. We then dramatically lower your cost of operating the equipment.
  4. Instead of penalizing you, we give you incentives to migrate faster.
  5. When you are done with the equipment, ReluTech will erase sensitive data and responsibly dispose of the equipment