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ReluTech is focused on our mission to serve cloud customers. We do this through monetizing assets on data center floors with cloud-committed workloads and then repurposing those savings to fund cloud adoption.

Our IT Divest Services

Your Journey to the Cloud

Asset Purchase and Leaseback

Straight Purchase

  • ReluTech will purchase your equipment in alignment with your migration schedule as the equipment becomes available, providing you with a cash infusion to fund your migration strategy.

Purchase Leaseback

  • We also offer a Purchase Leaseback solution where we buy your IT assets and then lease them back to you during the length of your migration. This provides a cash infusion upfront while ensuring you maintain critical infrastructure to bridge the gap between on-premise to the cloud. This solution creates a more predictable financial outcome, removes these assets from your balance sheet, and provides locked-in residual value.

Elastic Maintenance

We help you avoid costly maintenance renewals when support contracts expire during your migration to the cloud. This leaves you free of long-term commitments that may extend beyond your equipment needs and migration timeline. Our maintenance offerings help you reduce total migration costs and avoid contract lock-in with flexible, pay-only-for-what-you-use support at 50%-80% less than OEM prices.

Migration Gap Rental

Growth during migration creates unavoidable capacity upgrades. When capacity needs arise, we help you avoid costly OEM equipment refreshes and contract lock-ins with equipment rentals to bridge the migration gap.

Instead of buying new equipment to address capacity demands, sell, rent, or lease pre-owned equipment from ReluTech to meet your capacity needs at a fraction of the cost. We’ll help you avoid OEM refreshes by renting you equipment for the duration of your migration or for short-term projects. These capacity rentals enable you to do what’s best for your cloud migration journey as opposed to being controlled by OEMs and other companies that aren’t aligned with your objectives.

Unplug to Monetize

We help you quickly maximize the value of your hardware assets and incentivize returning your equipment so you can reinvest those funds into your migration strategy.

As your on-premise equipment is no longer needed, we help you unplug, decommission, cleanse, and remove your IT equipment assets. Depending on your needs, this may include data sanitization, disk destruction, boxing, and reverse logistics.

Our team will come to your data center, pack up your equipment, and ship it to your facility, helping you properly remove all your assets. We also minimize risk with our documented and compliant data sanitization and destruction services, covering all manufacturers while meeting DoD/NIST standards.