Deinstallation and Removal

Reduce risk and maximize recovered value with ReluTech’s complete IT asset disposition (ITAD) services: decommissioning, data erasure, value recovery, and compliant e-recycling.

ReluTech offers on-site services to relieve the hassle and risk of decommissioning, auditing, packaging, and shipping your expensive IT equipment.      


With our in-house expertise and global network, ReluTech can handle everything from single racks to some of the world’s largest data centers. Deep expertise and decades of experience assure that equipment is properly tracked and deinstalled, and maximum value can be attained when resold.


Physical audit and identification of all machines to include serial numbers and components assures proper chain of custody and maximum valuation. Our on-site engineers are industry leaders in data center equipment: servers, storage, and network devices from all major manufacturers.

Package and Shipping

ReluTech has experience shipping sensitive IT equipment all over the world, so we can make sure your equipment is handled safely, maximizing recovered value. 

Guaranteed Results

Many ITAD providers want to offer consignment services, which place the risks of a customer’s equipment working and being sold on the customer. ReluTech’s confidence in our valuation process and in our decommissioning and shipping expertise allow us to buy most equipment upfront. In this case, take all the risk! Instead of calling an ITAD provider who will charge you for services and give you an estimate of consignment value, call ReluTech and see why we are the industry leader for data center servers, storage, and networking equipment.

How a Can a ReluHero Save Your Day?

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What Do Our Customers Say About Us?

“Not only did ReluTech save us money on our maintenance contract, but the flexibility embedded in the contract made our migration less stressful.”
Director of Information Systems

“Over the past several years using ReluTech, they have always done what they promised and have done so in a timely and cost effective manner, and that was all we really could have asked for. As time went on, they continued to get more and more of our business because of it.”
Server Team Project Leader

“ReluTech helped us tremendously when we needed affordable hardware and hardware maintenance, and to place a candidate in our company.”
Chief Systems Officer

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