The best journey begins with a plan. ReluTech’s discovery solutions help you map out your current environment’s hardware, software, performance metrics, and dependencies. Current state analysis can then unlock opportunities for substantial savings.

Automated Discovery Outputs

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  • Current State IT Blueprint
  • Detailed Asset Inventory
  • Software Inventory & Licensing
  • Performance & Utilization
  • Application Views

How Can We Help?

Often one of the biggest barriers to success is understanding the landscape and getting started. 

ReluTech offers several options to discover and assess your current-state IT inventory.

Our goal is to give you a vendor-agnostic blueprint of your environment, granting you the insights and visibility to take action.

Our solutions are fast, light-weight, low cost, and deliver exponential value.

ReluTech Also Offers:

  • Asset Evaluation
  • Contract Assessments & Recommendations
  • Physical Audits
  • Detailed Data Center Hardware Rack Diagrams

We’re equipped to provide you with the maintenance, hardware purchase, or rental agreements you need on server, storage, and network equipment.