HPE 3PAR Hardware and Support

ReluTech offers pre-owned and refurbished enterprise HPE 3PAR hardware to save you money and time. We can provide custom configured systems, as well as upgrades and parts from all major manufacturers can ship immediately – saving you up to 90% off manufacturer prices.

We house a huge inventory of parts; through ReluTech’s asset disposition and data center decommissioning projects, we have parts for nearly every possible data center server, storage, or network device.

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Available HPE 3PAR Hardware:
  • P3PAR F200
  • P3PAR F400, S400, T400, V400
  • P3PAR T800, V800
  • PStoreServ 7000
  • PStoreServ 7200
  • PStoreServ 7200C
  • PStoreServ 7400
  • PStoreServ 8000
  • PStoreServ 10000
  • PStoreServ 20800
  • PStoreServ 20840
  • PStoreServ 20850

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    HPE Hardware Maintenance

    Does your company use HPE 3PAR hardware to keep your data center equipment operating? If you are, you might be paying too much. Save up to 80% with ReluTech’s third-party hardware support.


    Skip the costly hardware refresh and keep your data center gear working beyond expiration. ReluTech provides the same comprehensive support for all HPE 3PAR equipment but at a price that makes sense for your business.

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    What People Are Saying

    “For multiple years, ReluTech has been a strategic partner for us. Finding technology partners that have the capability to maintain the spectrum of different OEMs is hard to do on a single maintenance contract and ReluTech does just that. ReluTech has a ‘fix it first’ mentality, which reduces downtime. Working with their team has been fast, cost-effective, and pleasant.”

    Managing Partner

    IT Company in SC

    “My experience with ReluTech has been very positive. They get things done quickly and provided me with excellent support on vendor-specific equipment. If we need something quickly, they can deliver.”

    Technical Server Administrator

    Public School

    “ReluTech helped us tremendously when we needed affordable hardware and hardware maintenance. They also helped us hire a critical IT resource for our company.”
    Chief Systems Officer

    Manufacturing Company in MI

    “Working on one of the largest children’s cancer research facilities in the country, I know that every dollar I save in our data center can be repurposed towards research that will one day save many young lives.”

    Director of Infrastructure

    Healthcare Company