I have founded three successful technology companies, and I am excited about the rapid growth of my new company, ReluTech.

I founded both Canvas Systems and Optimus Solutions in 1998 and both grew to over $100 Million in revenue, becoming industry leaders prior to being sold. Corus360, founded five years ago, is rapidly approaching the $100 Million mark as well. However, even when compared to such wonderful organizations, the company that will likely bring me the most pride is ReluTech.

ReluTech is also the one of the four companies that has generated the most questions from my customers, vendors, competitors, friends, and wife. Most of the questions are a variant of this: “Why are you doing this again?” I have given many different responses to this question, and perhaps at first I didn’t even know the answer myself until after I did some soul searching.

One obvious answer to this question is, “This is what I do.” Maybe it is a matter of simple physics, and I am merely an object that when in motion, stays in motion. When Canvas was sold, my desire to keep building stayed alive, and eventually starting another company became inevitable. Even after founding a third company, I still feel propelled by this sense of entrepreneurial inertia.

Another possible answer to this question is, “I feel that I still have much to prove.” Maybe I need to prove to myself that I can do it one more time, with a new group of people, a much different economy, and an entirely new strategy. Maybe I saw another opportunity to build something amazing and to improve upon past attempts. Like an artist who keeps trying to paint a masterpiece, I knew my work wasn’t done with the other three.

Finally, maybe I saw the chance to do something truly great!

At ReluTech, we are creating high paying jobs, helping US companies become more competitive, and helping the environment by extending the life of IT equipment and preventing it from ending up in landfills. ReluTech was founded on a vision that we can build a successful company, where our employees are thrilled to work, and where we can make a real difference in the community.

All of these answers are part of the truth, part of the real reason why I founded ReluTech. Before you ask the obvious next question, let me tell you, “YES – this is the last technology company I will start.” Just as people tend to remember an actor’s last movie, or a player’s last season, I know that my business reputation will be measured by the success of ReluTech

With that being said, I better get back to work and start selling!


Does anyone reading this want to extend the life of your IT equipment?


Mark is the Founder and CEO of ReluTech. With many years of experience in the technology field, Mark is the leading force of ReluTech’s stride to change the future of the industry. Outside of the office, Mark enjoys swimming, playing ping pong, collecting comic books, and traveling with his family.