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We are committed to being the company that customers recommend, employees are proud of, & that our diverse community values.

ReluTech has created a new model for providing IT Solutions to our customers. Unlike any VAR in the world, we have modeled our offering around the solutions our customers need to succeed in 2020 and beyond. Our founders were pioneers in the data center space and have modeled ReluTech to provide a truly unique solution.

Let’s Talk About What We Are Not

  • We are not a VAR that is paid by the OEM’s to convince you to refresh your legacy, overpriced, and inflexible hardware every three years.
  • We are not a VAR that sells software and hardware maintenance contracts for the OEM’s to lock you in for another year, or even five.
  • We also are not a consulting company, who makes more money the slower you move, while continuing to analyze and recommend.  
  • We are not your typical staffing company. NerdRabbit, a ReluTech company, focuses primarily on AWS staffing. This service is supported by our AWS machine learning software, Nerdly.
  • And we are certainly not an outsourcing company that is paid to hire all your people and bill them back to you over an inflexible 10-year contract.

We are a “Change Accelerator”

We are “Innovation Fuel”


Our customers turn to us when they face barriers while innovating, moving to the cloud, consolidating, and growing. 

We find that the challenges companies looking to innovate experience are fairly obvious. However, the reality is that their traditional partners, VAR’s, and OEM’s benefit from fortifying those barriers and inhibiting actual progress. In many ways, their survival depends on it.

So – call us! We provide solutions that eliminate the challenges facing companies looking to innovate. Our maintenance and hardware offerings reduce financial barriers by dramatically cutting IT costs. And finally, our IT Divest services help accelerate and fund your cloud migration.

With ReluTech, you will find a partner that lives our company values every day; we work quickly and always strive to be our customer’s hero.

Our Values

Be the Customer's Hero

We are committed to exceeding customer expectations every single day. We work tirelessly to earn and maintain trust and take every opportunity to raise the bar on customer experience.

Act Like an Owner

There’s a deep sense of ownership and engagement in everything we do. We share an entrepreneurial spirit and take accountability for our actions, never sacrificing our long-term vision for short-term results. You will never hear “that’s not my job” in our office.

Need for Speed

The world is changing quickly and our customers are innovating at an incredible speed, a speed that human history has never before seen. At ReluTech, we understand that we need to move at a pace that exceeds our competitors, and even our customers. We aren’t afraid to make decisions and take calculated risks. We don’t suffer from analysis paralysis. And, we acknowledge that sometimes we will make a mistake, but we also know that making decisions and learning as we go is far better than doing nothing.

Work Hard And Hustle

We show up to work with a positive attitude ready to take on the day with grit, hustle, and determination. We know the value of each hour of each day, so we make good use of it. We do what it takes to get the job done.

pay it forward

We believe it is our responsibility to make a difference, both within and outside of our organization, to create a better place for all. By choosing to “pay it forward” with diverse organizations, we are committed to being respectful and inclusive of everyone’s race, sex, and religious preferences. We operate with a sense of community and a strong desire to pitch in through volunteering, educating ourselves, and lending a helping hand.

Winning Together

We pursue our goals as a team. We aren’t afraid to share the glory or shoulder the blame. We leverage our collective strengths and diverse backgrounds because we believe that the best solutions for our customers stem from collaboration, open-mindedness, and a variety of perspectives.


ReluTech is proud to have won the following awards:

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