ITAD Solutions

Secure, Sustainable & Efficient IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) Services

Our Asset Management Services

Data Destruction & Erasure:

Rely on our NIST 800-88 compliant methods. Secure your data, whether it’s erasure or destruction.


Onsite & Offsite Shredding:

Tailored to your needs, our shredding services ensure the utmost security and convenience.


E-Waste Management:

An environmentally responsible approach to recycling and reusing devices, promoting a greener tomorrow.

Asset Disposal:

From data center asset disposal to enterprise IT asset disposition, we handle it all with precision.


Logistics & Decommissioning:

Hassle-free pickups, packaging, and transport of your IT assets.

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R2 certification

Up to Date Certification

Constantly improving and providing the best ITAD solutions

r2 certification
iso 9001
iso 14001
iso 45001 certified
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anab accredited

The Full IT Asset Disposal Process

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Our ITAD Solutions Estimated Pricing

Size Number of Assets Cost per Asset Bundled Cost *
Small 1-500 $25.00 $2,500 minimum or $25.00 / asset
Medium 500-1000 $20.00 $20,000
Large 1001-3000 $18.00 $45,000
Massive 3000+ $15.00 $55,000
  • Asset make, model, and serial recorded
  • All asset tags, hostnames, and other customer-specific marks removed
  • Equipment processed for reuse or recycling
  • NIST800-99r1 Clear compliant processing of hard drives
  • Certificate of Disposal/Destruction produced after intake audit and data erasure is complete

*Packaging and Shipping services are not included in pricing.

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Key ITAD Benefits

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Data Security

Upholding the rigorous NIST 800-88 standard, we guarantee secure data destruction and data erasure, mitigating risks and ensuring compliance.

save money with data management and disposal services

Cost Savings

Efficient processes that lead to significant operational savings.

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Green Reputation

Enhance your company’s sustainability profile and eco-friendly branding.

Client Testimonials 

“ReluTech’s ITAD solutions transformed our e-waste management strategy. Not only did we profit from our old IT assets, but we also took a giant leap in our sustainable practices.”

– Amanda T., CTO


What is IT asset disposition?

IT asset disposition (ITAD) refers to the process of disposing of unwanted IT assets in a secure and environmentally responsible manner.

What does ITAD do?

ITAD ensures the secure and sustainable disposal of IT assets, be it through recycling, reselling, or destroying, and provides businesses with a strategy for optimizing the lifecycle of their IT equipment.

What is the meaning of IT asset disposal?

IT asset disposal is synonymous with ITAD, emphasizing the process of safely and sustainably getting rid of outdated or redundant IT equipment.

What are considered IT assets?

IT assets include computers, servers, networking equipment, storage devices, software licenses, and any other technology or electronic equipment used in an organizational setting.

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