Thanks to advancements in cloud computing, companies are migrating to public cloud in record numbers. There are thousands of things to consider before beginning the transition, many of which are not easy to navigate without an experienced partner. One important barrier to consider is how to reduce costs on existing infrastructure during the migration. It’s common to hear, “I wish I could move to the public cloud tomorrow, but we have too much invested in on-prem hardware today to make that switch. It will be a couple of years before we have fully depreciated those assets on our books, so I can’t really consider making the move until then.”

While this is a valid statement, we can provide a solution. With ReluTech’s Trade up to the Cloud program, we can creatively help a customer move to an Opex model before they ever get to the Cloud, all while reducing or even eliminating write-downs and reducing ongoing maintenance costs in the interim.

The maintenance savings are particularly compelling for a few reasons:

  1. Most third-party maintenance proposals equate to at least a 50 percent savings compared to the OEM. It’s typical to see even larger savings when companies are making the transition to the cloud.

  2. Major OEMs (such as EMC, NetApp, HP, and Dell) are not incentivized to give you a discount on your next maintenance renewal, especially when they know you’re on your way to the Cloud. Equipment sales are declining now and into the foreseeable future, and the OEMs are trying to squeeze every potential dollar from customers while it’s still possible.

  3. OEMs typically only offer 1-year contracts or longer when renewing support. Third-party partners are able to provide short-term contracts, including month-to-month, to give customers necessary flexibility. This happens across many organizations and industries, regardless of location.

  4. Third-party providers can usually consolidate and co-term, meaning we can put disparate systems with disparate contract end dates on the same schedule. That means we can be responsible for all of the hardware you’ll be decommissioning (slowly, over time) during your migration. And we’re not just generalists (unlike several of our competitors); we use engineers who actually specialize in the product line they’re supporting.

Why overpay for infrastructure support when moving to the public cloud?

In closing, there’s no reason to overpay for maintenance on your storage and servers when you’re moving to the public cloud. ReluTech reduces infrastructure support costs by 71 percent on average, and with our ability to buy back hardware at the end of the contract, the migration project that you originally targeted for 2019 may now be a reality in 2017.

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