Cloud Computing is consistently ranked as the most in-demand of all IT skills.  Life in the cloud is just as advertised: exciting work with new and disruptive tech, new build and design, CI/CD not CICM (caught in continuous maintenance), and more $$$$.  It’s amazing how the cloud world has changed in just the last three years. Back in the “day”, 5 AWS certifications put you on the “All-Stars Elite” list, where the roster consisted of fewer professionals than there are starting NFL quarterbacks.  Now, those AWS “quarterbacks” are renewing their certifications and finding a more challenging exam as the new tools introduced within the past three years have more than tripled, PLUS, you also need to have earned or are targeting the specialized certs to make yourself a more informed subject matter expert for your internal/external clients.  Whether it’s Big Data, Machine Learning, Security, etc. there is a growing demand for these particular skills and the gurus that possess them.

And as companies move to the cloud and adopt more hybrid environments, the need for professionals with experience and certifications across multiple cloud platforms becomes greater.  In fact, the top paying certification right now is the GCP Certified Professional Cloud Architect (followed by AWS Solutions Architect and Developer). Unfortunately, the most important thing that technology professionals say they need that they don’t currently have from their current employer is training and continued education, and about 30% of professionals without certifications say their employers don’t pay or allow time for them.

That’s one of the many reasons we’ve kickstarted the Cloud Champion Community.  To provide a resource for Cloud professionals where they can have access to information on education/certification sponsorships, relevant events/webinars, career opportunities, and more!

We also wanted to offer a platform for technology professionals to develop and expand their network, which is key in this industry.  Honestly, if you are not spending at least one night a month in a webinar or face-to-face at a meetup, then you are selling yourself short.  The cloud is competitive but not divisive. Interact and learn with those that respect and embrace the disruptiveness of the serverless. Those within the community will receive updates on local and national events that can help you stay up-to-date on the latest happenings in the cloud computing world, while building long-term professional relationships that become invaluable as your career in the cloud grows.

At the Triple-C, we look forward to being a knowledge warehouse for the bright-eyed cloud hungry professionals that want to build something special, benefiting from a shared respect and admiration for this innovative industry.


Mark is the Founder and CEO of ReluTech. With many years of experience in the technology field, Mark is the leading force of ReluTech’s stride to change the future of the industry. Outside of the office, Mark enjoys swimming, playing ping pong, collecting comic books, and traveling with his family.

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