ReluTech is proud to announce the launch of a new website. This site will ultimately allow ReluTech to better help clients navigate ReluTech’s services and solutions in a user-friendly way.

Atlanta, GA – January 23rd, 2020 – ReluTech is pleased to announce the launch of a new interactive website that will better help visitors understand the services, solutions, and results ReluTech can provide.

In addition to the new aesthetic of the site’s branding, the website also features new interactive components highlighting ReluTech’s services and solutions, including a Cloud Readiness Assessment and a Maintenance Savings Calculator. In addition, more information on ReluTech’s new Cloud Solution offerings, specifically their Migration Bubble Buster Strategy (MBBS), has been added to the site.

ReluTech Marketing Manager Claudia Bové says, “This new website not only provides an easier walkthrough of ReluTech’s services and solutions, but will give visitors a better understanding of how ReluTech can help them in their unique situations. We are excited about the new content we’ve curated and are ready to see it in action with current and potential customers.”

About ReluTech:

ReluTech is a full scope IT solutions provider in the data center and cloud marketplace. The company is focused on reducing operational expenses in the data center, solving people challenges through staffing and consulting solutions, and eliminating the cost of rising cloud cost during the transformation from Data Center to Cloud.

ReluTech’s mission statement is: “We work hard to be the company customers recommend, employees are proud of, and our community values.”