A Trucking Company in Alabama Avoided an Expensive Hardware Refresh



Services Provided



“ReluTech’s maintenance service has allowed us to continue to use our EMC storage longer, giving us more out of our initial hardware investment. And we’ve been able to keep using it worry-free in case of an outage. This has not only given us more out of our initial investment in the hardware, but has opened up our budget to expand our capacity in other places of business over the past few years.”

IT Director


Date: December 2020

About The Company:

Located in Cuba, Alabama, this flatbed trucking company specializes in handling large volumes for its customers. Their focus on providing excellent customer service has helped them win the Lowe’s Flatbed Carrier of the Year for the past 12 years.

Top Values Provided:

  • Significant Cost Savings
  • Fast Response Time
  • Refresh Avoidance


This trucking company wanted to retain their EMC hardware for at least two more years, but found themselves facing EMC maintenance costs that were too high to justify. In order to keep using their current infrastructure, they needed to find a more cost-effective maintenance option to avoid an expensive refresh and EMC maintenance prices.

ReluTech Solution

ReluTech maintenance gave this company the ability to retain their EMC infrastructure at a cost-effective rate. They were able to avoid an expensive refresh with EMC and could repurpose the money they saved to more urgent parts of their business.


This trucking company was able to retain their EMC infrastructure for 2 more years, and have the peace of mind that it was covered in the case of an outage. Truly having the best of both worlds; fantastic service on their core business infrastructure and the ability to invest in other parts of their business. Trusting ReluTech has benefitted not only the IT arm of their company, but their core product of shipping as well. We’re hoping for many more Lowe’s Flatbed Carrier of the year awards!