A Medical Research Company Established Best Practices for its Network Buildout Through ReluTech’s WiFi Network Assessment Services



Services Provided

WiFi Network Assessment

ReluTech was able to provide extremely detailed reports and guided us to the best possible solution for our network buildout. They were quick and thorough as we expected.

Network Admin


Date: July 2022

About The Company:

This research company is a forward-thinking, mid-size contract organization offering pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies a proven, flexible approach to preclinical and clinical pharmacology studies, including formulation, manufacturing, and analytical services.

Top Values Provided:

  • Onsite engineer network survey
  • Detailed report for network buildout


The customer needed a turn-key wireless solution to determine the best course of action when implementing an infrastructure design for its wireless network buildout. The assessment would require testing of three floors within its facility.

ReluTech’s Solution

ReluTech’s certified engineers facilitated a wireless active validation assessment for the customer, specifically leveraging industry-leading diagnostic tools Ekahau Connect with Ekahau Sidekick to conduct the assessment.

The data collected during the on-site, active survey mode was stored in a secured and shared location where network architects and data center personnel were able to collaborate, analyze, and develop a formalized solution document.

The project team analyzed the discovery findings to validate optimal wireless coverage for all 175,000 sq. footage that made up the facility’s three floors. Additionally, ReluTech provided a customized output report that included heat map of existing coverage and a proposed heat map with revised AP placement.


The customer was able to get the most optimal setup for their network environment thanks to ReluTech’s detailed analysis of the three floors in their facility. ReluTech’s engineers detected all rogue SSIDs and their affected area (-80dBm threshold) which informed their network implementation. The non-Wi-Fi map informed the implementation team of the weak coverage points within the building as well. Moreover, ReluTech was able to provide the customer with a list of recommended remediation hardware that was tailored to accommodate issues found within the initial analysis.