ReluTech partnered with Promise686, a local charity organization, to give back to the community during the holidays. This organization helps support multiple families with foster children that are in need. During the holiday season, ReluTech adopted two of these families who were facing hard times and made sure that they would have gifts to open on Christmas morning.

The internal team at ReluTech created a giving tree filled with requested gifts from the adopted families. A week before Christmas, all of the purchased and wrapped gifts were delivered to Promise686 so they could distribute them. The team also arranged for volunteers to help bring joy, laughter, and hope into these families’ homes throughout the holiday season. To make sure every child felt special this holiday season, each present was personally named for each family member.

The team at ReluTech put in a lot of work and dedication this past holiday season to help out their local community and make sure that no one had to go without a special gift on Christmas morning. Through their partnership with Promise686, they were able to bring joy into the lives of those who needed it most. ReluTech continued its mission of making an impact beyond profits by giving back during this special time of year.