E-Waste Recycling

Reduce risk and maximize recovered value with ReluTech’s complete IT asset disposition (ITAD) services: decommissioning, data erasure, value recovery, and compliant e-recycling.

E-Waste Solutions

According to the Global E-waste Monitor, almost 45 million tons of electronics were disposed of in 2016. Of that, only around 20% underwent some level of recycling, leaving a mountain of over 35 million tons of electronic trash in landfills throughout the world.  

Compounding the problem, data center equipment manufacturers rush new products to market and financially compel customers to refresh their products every 3 years. They build in obsolescence through requiring restrictive operating system software agreements, ending service life, and charging prohibitively high annual support costs for older equipment.   

ReluTech’s E-Waste solutions help customers recover value, reduce discarded equipment, cut costs, and save the environment. 


While most ITAD providers look at excess equipment as quantities of metal, plastic and glass to be recycled or thrown out, the goal of ReluTech is to reuse as much as possible, and recycle the rest. Besides reducing the environmental impact, this also maximizes your recovered value for decommissioned assets.   

The first step in our process is to put each piece of equipment through our triage process. All equipment is first evaluated as a whole machine to determine if the product can be resold or upgraded for resale. If not, the machine is disassembled with each component selected for either reuse/resale or recycling. For servers, storage, and networking devices, ReluTech resells or reuses a much higher percentage of components than industry averages. This is due to our product knowledge, network of over 5,000 potential buyers around the world, and need for spare parts to service our large pool of assets under ReluTech maintenance programs. These resources result in more value returned to our customers and less trash in our landfills.


At ReluTech, we prioritize reuse over recycling, but inevitably we end up sending truckloads of electronic waste to recycling centers. Through our experience in data center equipment, nearly 100% of material we ship to recyclers lost all value for reuse or resale. ReluTech engages with a worldwide network of partners who are utilized based on the specific requirements of each recycling project. All partners are R2 certified for responsible recycling, with shipments going to recyclers based on geography, capabilities, and specialization. 

The ReluTech Result

More products reused, more value returned to the customer, and less e-waste!

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What Do Our Customers Say About ReluTech?

“Not only did ReluTech save us money on our maintenance contract, but the flexibility embedded in the contract made our migration less stressful.”

Director of Information Systems

Healthcare Company

“Over the past several years using ReluTech, they have always done what they promised and have done so in a timely and cost-effective manner, and that was all we really could have asked for. As time went on, they continued to get more and more of our business because of it.”

Server Team Project Leader

Healthcare Company

“ReluTech helped us tremendously when we needed affordable hardware and hardware maintenance, and to place a candidate in our company.”

Chief Systems Officer

Manufacturing Company

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