As a worldwide leader in IT equipment resale, ReluTech provides certified equipment at up to 90% less than manufacturer list prices. We can buy your entire data center of IT equipment and provide equipment sales or rentals for hardware from all major manufacturers.

Our New Initiative

At ReluTech we are committed to environmental sustainability. Eco-friendliness is at the core of what we do; our IT solutions revolve around reducing, reusing, and recycling data center equipment. Beyond the solutions and services we offer, we take pride in cultivating an eco-friendly culture and continuously look for ways to ‘go green’ at our office. We challenge ourselves to implement new strategies that improve sustainability throughout our organization, evaluating every aspect of our business and operations. 

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CO2 Emissions Saved is Equal to


Gallons of Gas Consumed in 1 Year

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Metric Tons of Equipment Repurposed

Code of Ethics & Business Coduct


Salaried Associates to be Trained and Agree to Code by End of 2021