If your organization has a data center more than likely the team charged with running that data center is being asked in some form or fashion to:

  • Do more with less…money

    • Example – Move as many applications as possible to the cloud…with what money?

ReluTech wants to address this conversation. We are helping companies accelerate transitions to the cloud with third party maintenance. As organizations move to the cloud, one of the big hurdles is finding the money to do so. Financially, if transitioning to the cloud was as easy as flipping a light switch, most organizations would already be there. There is a major cost associated with migrating workload to AWS, GCP, Azure, etc.

Organizations still have to maintain the physical hardware that applications are running on while you migrate off of it. If the physical hardware breaks more than likely the app goes down. If the app goes down, the company could be losing money. Eliminating maintenance altogether isn’t much of an option. With Relutech, you can save a significant amount of money on those maintenance contracts that can be repurposed for getting applications cloud ready.

By leveraging our maintenance offering you can ditch the OEM’s expensive and strict maintenance contracts for server, storage and networking hardware that can lock you into multi year contracts. Rarely will an OEM provide a tailored and cost effective maintenance option that aligns with your migration plan. Why would they? News Flash – OEM’s are incentivized to keep you in the data center, not find cost effective ways to get you out.

If you brought a maintenance option to your CIO or CFO that showed a 50% cost reduction compared to the OEM in maintaining systems that you plan to sunset within 12-24 months, would she or he be interested to know more?

We have hundreds of happy customers that have had that exact conversation with us.

Will you be the next to talk with ReluTech about driving costs out of your maintenance spend for your data center hardware?

Read more about ReluTech’s third party maintenance here!


Josiah Deegan is our Director of Sales Operations here at ReluTech. In the office, Josiah oversees all of our Infrastructure and Maintenance Account Executives! Outside of the office, he enjoys fishing, mountain biking, and spending time with his family.

Get in touch with Josiah: jdeegan@relutech.com