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Support of all your server, storage, and network equipment at 50%-70% less than manufacturer maintenance prices. See why 600+ enterprise customers depend on ReluTech for mission-critical support with the best customer satisfaction in the industry.

We Cover All Major OEMs

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ReluTech Maintenance


With over 600 customers relying on our complete IT maintenance service, ReluTech can cost-effectively extend the life of out-of-warranty or end-of-service-life data center equipment. We cover every major manufacturer in the data center for server, storage, and network equipment — all on one contract and at substantial savings.

  • Flexible SLAs that are customized to match your budget and requirements
  • 50%-70% savings from traditional OEM maintenance 
  • All major OEMs covered
  • Flexible contract terms — you don’t have to sign a one-year contract
  • Certified engineers who specialize in the products they support
  • Support for EOL equipment to keep your equipment running for as long as you need it
ReluTech Discover


ReluTech delivers an end-to-end solution to discover, map, and manage your entire IT deployment no matter where it lives; we offer discovery services for IT environments that are on-prem, hybrid, or cloud. Using agentless and agent-based tools, we can auto-discover everything in your environment, adding value by auditing current tech assets to provide fair market valuation and cost-reducing strategies you may not be leveraging.

    • Map and organize your physical, virtual, and cloud networks automatically
    • Fully agentless auto-discovery
    • Physical audit and asset evaluation services available

We’re equipped to provide you with the maintenance, hardware purchase, or rental agreements you need on server, storage, and network equipment.