A considerable amount of my life has been spent on an airplane. Having a father that works at a major airline in Atlanta gave me the opportunity to see the world in a different way; from above – in the clouds. I find it to be a funny coincidence that my career is also helping others get into the cloud… but a very different cloud.

The (technical) cloud is the most important technological innovation of our time. It has seen the fastest adoption into the mainstream than any other technology in its domain. It is something that is growing faster than we could ever imagine and is not going anywhere. The efficiency that businesses and lone consumers have benefited from with the cloud has been a game changer. We are now able to access applications and data from any location across the globe, businesses are realizing that there is another option to store data that is cheaper as opposed to traditional hosting in a data center, and the flexibility and scalability of cloud is currently unparalleled. The cloud is an incredible solution to so many business needs, regardless of the size or location of the user.

The cloud is truly becoming the new standard but getting there is not as easy as hopping on a plane and flying through one. When a business decides to go through the cloud, they are already on the right track, but they are also facing an uphill battle while carrying boulders named “time” and “money.” We have started calling this struggle the “migration bubble;” the combination of existing efforts and IT costs, the cost of cloud hosting, as well as the additional time and talent needed to get to the cloud. In certain cases, this can double an organizations IT costs and slow down other on-going projects. At ReluTech, we don’t believe an organization should be punished for trying to implement change and embrace technology. To help mitigate the tribulations of getting to the cloud, ReluTech’s founders developed a strategy to get organizations to the cloud faster and cheaper.

We call this the Migration Bubble Buster Strategy, a 5-step program that will reduce the size of an organization’s migration bubble. We start off with a discovery which essentially means we will help you know exactly what is in your own arsenal. This can be as simple as a list of servers, storage, and memory. But, we can even tell you how much these appliances are being used and if there is a way we can consolidate the hardware. The discovery sets us up for offering your own data center as a service. DCaaS at ReluTech means that we will come in and buy up all your hardware, and then lease it back to you at a predetermined monthly cost. This is done so that your entire IT infrastructure becomes a predicable monthly expense and that you can use the capital we give back to spend on the cloud. A major area of expertise that my CEO has brought to ReluTech is the maintenance of legacy hardware.

Today, when a warranty expires on hardware, you’re met with 2 options: purchase an overpriced maintenance contract from the OEM provider or refresh all the hardware under warranty. Ultimately, neither are great options, especially when you’re moving to the cloud and might not even need it in a year. So we can maintain it for you at a fraction of the cost of what an OEM offers without having to purchase new hardware. After establishing a migration plan of what you’re migrating and when, one major challenge we have seen across the board is the lack of talent that is out there to help with the migration. This is another area of expertise that my CEO has brought with him; finding the best talent for the right roles whether it be full-time, contracted, or contract for hire. With cloud certified recruiters, they know what you’re looking for and only send over the best candidates on the market. Finally, after you set sail into the cloud, the last thing you want to do is look back at all that legacy hardware that has been sitting in your data centers, so we decommission and dispose it for you. The best part of this program is the flexibility we give you. You don’t have to complete all 5 steps, just pick the ones that apply to you because we know that you are unique and should be treated as such.

Our program has helped so many organizations take off into the cloud. It is a truly transformational technology that has helped so many organizations in every industry deliver their products and services in a way that has never been seen. So, whether you want to take flight today or want to plan a trip into the cloud in the future, call me, let’s take that trip together.