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ReluTech understands how complex your data center environment can be for your company. Managing various contracts and data for all your equipment can not only be difficult but time-consuming. This is why ReluTech has designed an easy solution to give your company and employees greater visibility and control over your assets.

Our ReluTech Asset Management Portal (RAMP) allows you to gain control over all your assets, maintenance contracts, and vendors. By centralizing maintenance related activities to a single, comprehensive platform, you are able to gain more clarity and control over all your business decisions while driving costs out of your environment. 

Instead of focusing on searching for all your asset information, digging up contracts, and wondering which vendors support your assets, have RAMP do it for you. To learn more about RAMP, please schedule a meeting with one of our team members below. 

Explore RAMP Capabilities


Renewal Management

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  • Keep track of every maintenance contract and notify customers to renew seamlessly and automatically with our portal. Simply set up automated notifications to your customers regarding upcoming contract expirations so that you never miss a renewal opportunity ever again.
  • Once customers receive a notification, they will have the option to immediately order a renewal. They can receive weekly reminders to renew until their asset contract has expired.


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  • View multiple contracts at once and gain full visibility to better identify opportunities to consolidate contracts and drive cost savings.

Monitoring & Reporting

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  • Monitor your entire network-connected infrastructure to manage and allow audits of your network-connected software licenses. Search your network, auto-discover all devices, and develop comprehensive asset inventory lists.
  • Easily download any stored data in the portal – whether it’s a bulk list or filtered for specifics to share with anyone on your team.


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  • Keep close tabs on any assets you choose, whether it’s maintained through TPM, the OEM, or self-support. Customize your view by status, location, SLAs, and many more according to what’s most important to your business. 
  • Analyze all assets in your environment to easily spot opportunities for tremendous cost savings.

Ticket Tracking

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  • Consolidate your ticket requests with the ChannelWorks portal. When you need support, simply open a ticket from our platform and activity will be tracked automatically in real time. 
  • All TPM communications are captured in the ChannelWorks platform for easy display. No need to continuously contact vendors for updates. Simply log into the portal and view the most recent activity.



Lower Maintenance Costs

Superior Forecasting and Budgeting

Increased ROI

Quick Turnaround Time


Increased Visibility


Reduced Contract Visibility

Improved Infrastructure Management

Mitigated Risk of Downtime


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