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ReluTech and NerdRabbit Join the AWS ISV Partner Program

Atlanta, GA – October 5th, 2021 – Today, ReluTech and NerdRabbit are proud to announce they are now part of the AWS ISV Accelerate Program, a co-sell program for AWS Partners who provide software solutions that integrate with AWS. Both companies achieved Accelerate...

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Don’t Overpay To Maintain Your Data Center

I believe in paying for a quality product that protects and extends the life of your assets, which is why third party maintenance (TPM) is a great alternative to what original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) offer. Let’s look at the facts: An OEM’s business is built...

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Vistaprint Saved Hundreds of Thousands on Maintenance Costs

Industry E-Commerce Services Provided Maintenance  “ReluTech is the only company that allowed us to not only save money on support but also to easily manage our purchasing and contract management via Elastic Maintenance on AWS Marketplace.” Details...

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How To Navigate Through The Global Microchip Shortage Crisis

Are you experiencing project holdups due to the extended lead times of your OEM partner? As the demand for microchips continues to exceed the supply, ReluTech consistently hears this complaint in the market. Throughout the global chip shortage ReuTech has assisted...

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EOL vs EOSL: What’s The Difference?

When an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) announces that a product is approaching its End of Life or End of Service Life it can be difficult to determine what this news means for you and your data center environment. How do you figure out what next steps you...

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Why ‘One Size Fits All’ Doesn’t Work In The IT Industry

When it comes to legacy service offerings, we’ve all heard the old joke, “You can have any color you want as long as it’s gray.” Though that may get a laugh out of some, more than likely it can bring out tears in others. As technology continues evolving at a rapid...

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Shiny, New IT Equipment Is Always Cool … But Is It Really?

Recently, one of my favorite movies, Fight Club, put something into perspective for me as it relates to our business. It’s the idea of the single-serving world we live in.  In the movie, Edward Norton’s character describes his life in the context of everything...

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