Services Provided

Asset Disposition, Discovery, & Maintenance


“[The maintenance services provided] were well beyond our expectations for our legacy gear.”

Sr. IT Director


Date: December 2020

About The Company:

This energy company provides safe, reliable, and cost-effective electric power across 15 U.S. states and the Canadian province of Manitoba. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) approved the formation of this company to coordinate, control, and monitor the use of electrical power transmission systems. They allow for energy to move over long distances at a lower price by combining the transmission facilities of numerous other providers into a single system.

Top Values Provided:

  • Significant Cost Savings
  • Asset Disposition
  • NAID Best Practices


In order to monitor over 300,000 data points every few seconds, the company knew they needed to move off legacy IT gear and into the cloud. They faced many of the same challenges with moving to the cloud as other commercial businesses, but with the additional regulatory hurdles of an energy company. While migrating, they hoped to use their legacy hardware to keep operational costs low. They also wanted to retire and sell assets so they could reallocate finances towards their migration, but needed to ensure proper data destruction. Unfortunately, none of their existing vendors had a solution to their problem. Before engaging with ReluTech, vendors told them that their equipment had no resale value, and suggested services to erase data and recycle the hardware for a fee upon completion of their refresh. If they wanted to keep the equipment, the OEMs offered an expensive annual maintenance agreement. Without wanting to refresh their hardware, they faced a major challenge. 

ReluTech Solution

ReluTech offered the customer a comprehensive solution to address all of their concerns, including lowering their migration costs, providing value for retired assets, and erasing sensitive data. ReluTech started with a discovery and evaluation of assets. To the customer’s surprise, the ReluTech offer was “well beyond our expectations for our legacy gear,” said the Sr. IT Director. ReluTech then extended a flexible leaseback offering, allowing the company to rent the assets back throughout their migration while saving 80% on their IT maintenance. “The other advantage we found was a more flexible contract,” said the IT manager. Once they were completely migrated, ReluTech performed a comprehensive data erasure, complying with NAID standards and the company’s green first initiative.


Working with ReluTech not only helped this company migrate to the cloud at a lower operating cost, but even helped them make an unexpected profit on their legacy hardware. More importantly, the customer was able to stay true to their environmental pledge by reducing their carbon footprint, as well as proving their loyalty to their customers by ensuring that all sensitive data was properly erased and safe from potential hackers.