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“ReluTech is the only company that allowed us to not only save money on support but also to easily manage our purchasing and contract management via Elastic Maintenance on AWS Marketplace.”

Sr. Manager of Technology



Date: August 2021

About The Company:

Vistaprint is a global eCommerce company that offers both digital and physical marketing products for its customers. Vistaprint helps small business owners create expertly designed, up-to-date custom marketing by providing the assortment of products they need to look and feel professional, prepared, and plugged in.

Top Values Provided:

  • Significant Cost Savings
  • Consolidated Hardware Contracts


Vistaprint needed more flexibility to scale capacity up and down as necessary to fit the needs of their ever-changing business environment. As Vistaprint approaches its busy season, its sales quickly speed up. However, once this season is over and their sales begin to level out, they want to be able to adjust their plan as needed. To address those needs, Vistaprint wanted to migrate to AWS. However, they were overwhelmed by the “double bubble” migration costs they would incur from managing on-premise infrastructure at the same time as migrating to the AWS cloud.

As Vistaprint’s hardware aged and approached support end dates, the OEMs pushed for expensive equipment refreshes. The proposed costs of refreshing and maintaining this hardware, in addition to having to manage multiple contracts with multiple vendors, created financial barriers and management pains that limited operating funds and time needed for Vistaprint to perform their AWS migration.

ReluTech Solution

ReluTech offered co-termed maintenance support contracts that allowed Vistaprint to begin the separation process from hardware vendors and avoid an expensive refresh with the OEM. ReluTech also consolidated their hardware maintenance contracts, creating a seamless management system to match the customer’s AWS migration schedule.

Additionally, ReluTech built an execution strategy for the safe and compliant removal and disposal of data center hardware at two locations. As ReluTech and Vistaprint continue to work together, ReluTech’s Purchase Leaseback program offers a future opportunity for Vistaprint to inject capital to fully depreciate data center assets to fund their AWS migration goals.


Vistaprint avoided costly and lengthy maintenance renewals by switching to ReluTech support and ultimately saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in one of their environments. Vistaprint then repurposed these savings to accelerate and partly fund their migration to AWS. This will give Vistaprint increased data analytics capabilities due to the comprehensive insights they gain from their migration to AWS. As Vistaprint continues its cloud migration, ReluTech can help them gain more value from its data center assets by purchasing equipment and leasing it back to them for the duration of its migration. As they complete their cloud journey, ReluTech can then decommission their assets to gain more value and decrease risk as they complete their AWS adoption.