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AWS Migration Acceleration Services

“ReluTech allowed us the ultimate flexibility in our move to AWS. Without ReluTech, our migration would have been more financially complex.” — Tony Autin, President at Jonas Fitness


Date: July 2022

About The Company:

Jonas Fitness, Inc. is the leader in Enterprise Club Management and Billing software & has long been the trusted partner of the largest & most successful operators in the industry. Jonas Fitness helps gym owners and club operators streamline their operations & improve member engagement.

Top Values Provided:

  • Maximized legacy asset value
  • Accelerated AWS Migration
  • Financial return through legacy equipment buyback
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Reduced overall carbon emissions
  • Improved agility and scalability


Jonas Fitness, Inc., a leading provider of gym and fitness club management software, was faced with a critical challenge: they had a significant investment in legacy hardware and software occupying valuable data center space and it was driving up operational costs. The company wanted to migrate to Amazon Web Services (AWS) to leverage the benefits of cloud computing but lacked the funds to do so. ReluTech, a provider of the IT Divest program and an Amazon Partner Network member, stepped in to offer a solution that enabled Jonas Fitness to maximize the full value of its legacy assets while also breaking up with the OEM while saving 50% on what they were projected to spend on upcoming maintenance renewals. These savings were reallocated to finance its AWS migration.

Maximizing Legacy Asset Value with Flexible SLAs

ReluTech, a leading technology services provider, joined forces with Jonas Fitness to create customized and flexible service level agreements (SLAs) that perfectly aligned with the organization’s migration schedule. These specially tailored SLAs provided maintenance support on legacy equipment, featuring extensive 24-hour, 7-days-a-week, and 4-hour response time commitments designed to guarantee consistent functionality throughout the entire migration process. By focusing on accommodating Jonas Fitness’s flexible maintenance SLAs at 50% less than what the OEM provided, ReluTech ensured a smooth and secure transition for the company, reducing downtime and enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Leveraging AWS MAP Program for Additional Funding

In order to better facilitate Jonas Fitness’s migration to Amazon Web Services (AWS), they took part in the AWS Migration Acceleration Program (MAP), a comprehensive solution designed to speed up the process of shifting workloads to the cloud. By participating in this program, ReluTech was able to provide Jonas Fitness with additional financial giveback. These funds were derived from realized savings from flexible maintenance SLAs and hardware sold post-migration.

This supplementary funding played a crucial role in offsetting the expenses associated with the AWS migration process and enabled Jonas Fitness to transition to the cloud more efficiently and cost-effectively. Consequently, this collaboration not only ensured a smooth migration but also enhanced the overall operational capabilities of Jonas Fitness through the optimized utilization of cloud resources.

Purchase Leaseback to Fund AWS Migration

ReluTech bought the legacy IT assets up front, providing Jonas Fitness with cash funds up front and in turn locking in a return on investment for when they were fully migrated. This allowed the company to free up cash, reduce operational costs, and invest in new technologies and services offered by AWS.

Smooth and Efficient Execution

The project was executed smoothly and efficiently, with ReluTech-certified engineers working onsite at both the Richardson, TX and Philadelphia, PA data centers. The data centers were exited entirely by December 2022, enabling Jonas Fitness to fully embrace the benefits of AWS.


ReluTech’s innovative solution significantly boosted the value of Jonas Fitness’s legacy assets, propelling the company’s migration to Amazon Web Services (AWS), and subsequently enhancing its competitive standing within the fiercely contested gym management software sector. By collaborating with ReluTech, Jonas Fitness successfully addressed financial and operational obstacles, allowing for a seamless shift towards a highly efficient and cost-effective cloud-based infrastructure.

This partnership enabled Jonas Fitness to leverage advanced technology, streamline its business processes, and optimize resource utilization, leading to improved overall performance and a stronger market position in its industry niche. The comprehensive approach from ReluTech not only facilitated Jonas Fitness’s cloud adoption but also ensured the full realized value of their legacy assets, while also saving them money on upcoming maintenance renewals with the OEM. This provided Jonas Fitness with flexible terms for their maintenance to mirror their migration timeline.