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Support of all your server, storage, and network equipment at 50%-70% less than manufacturer maintenance prices. See why 600+ enterprise customers depend on ReluTech for mission-critical support with the best customer satisfaction in the industry.  

IBM Server, Storage & Networking Devices

ReluTech supports and supplies the following IBM devices.

If you don’t see what you’re looking for, reach out.

IBM Z & X Series Mainframe

  • z114

  • z800

  • z890

  • xSeries 336

  • xSeries 345/356

  • xSeries 3500/3550

  • xSeries 2550M2/M3/M4

  • xSeries 3650/3650M2/M3/M4

  • xSeries 3850/3950

IBM BladeCenter

  • BladeCenter E
  • BladeCenter E8677
  • BladeCenter H
  • BladeCenter HC10
  • BladeCenter HS12
  • BladeCenter HS20/HS21
  • BladeCenter HS22/HS23V/
  • BladeCenter HS23/HS23E
  • BladeCenter HT/HX5
  • BladeCenter S
  • BladeCenter S 7779
  • BladeCenter T

IBM N Series

  • IBM N3300/N3400

  • IBM N3700/N3600

  • IBM N5200/N5300

  • IBM N5600/N6210

    IBM ESS & DS Series

    • IBM 2105 (Shark)
    • IBM DS3512/DS3524

    • IBM DS4700

    • IBM DS5100

    • IBM DS8000/DS8100/DS8300

    • IBM EXP100/EXP420/EXP520/EXP810

        IBM Flex & PureFlex

        • Flex System 8731

        • Flex System x220
        • Flex System x222
        • Flex System X240

        • Flex System X440

        • Flex System x6
        • PureFlex 7893

        • PureFlex 7953

        • PureFlex 7955

        IBM Power Systems

        • Power 5

        • Power 6

        • Power 7

        • Power 8

        IBM Power Systems

        • 7315-C02

        • RS/6000 140/150/170

        • RS/6000 240/260/270

        • RS/6000 505/510/51A

        IBM TS Series

        • IBM TS3100

        • IBM TS3310

        • IBM TS7520

        • IBM TS7740

        SAN Switches/Routers

        • 2005-B32

        • 2005-R04

        • 2005-R18

        • 2026-16E

        • 2026-224

        • 2026-32E

        • 2498-B24

        • 2498-B40

        • 2498-F48

        • 2499-192

        • 2499-416

        • 2499-816

        • SAN40B-4

        IBM XIV Series & Storwize

        • XIG2
        • XIVG3
        • Storwize V3700

        • Storwize V5000

        • Storwize V7000

        IBM ISeries AS/400

        • IBM 9406

        • i5/520

        • AS/400 150/250

        • AS/400 170/270

        Flexible SLAs

        ReluTech offers the industry-standard 24x7x4 and 9x5xNBD Service Level Agreements, but if neither of those fit your needs, we can design an SLA that fits your unique needs.

        You don’t have to sign a one-year contract. We realize that you may have plans to decommission a system in less than a year from now, and we’re happy to be flexible with short-term or even customized contracts.



        • 24 hours per day

        • 7 days per week

        • 4 hours or less: the time it takes to get an issue diagnoses


        • 9 hours per day (8 a.m. – 5 p.m.)

        • 5 days per week (Monday – Friday)

        • On-site service will occur on a next-business-day basis from the time of diagnosis. Coverage includes call-home monitoring (if applicable), parts replacement, phone support, and on-site support

        Customized SLA

        Do your support needs fall outside the standards? Our team has you covered with easy flexible contracts without paying a premium for it.

        • Mix and match response times, response days, and diagnostic times (ex: 9x5x4)

        • Custom creation for your needs – such as month to month contracts, short term, and multiple OEMs under one contact

        Parts Only

        Do you have a team on hand that can physically replace the parts themselves? We understand you might not need our engineers to come on site.

        • We can supply you with replacement parts and if you’d like, keep them at your Data Center

        • Same day shipping available

        • Same OEM parts

        • Double the savings

        • Remote access to certified engineers

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