Cisco Third-Party Support & Hardware Maintenance

Support of all your server, storage, and network equipment at 50%-70% less than manufacturer maintenance prices. See why 600+ enterprise customers depend on ReluTech for mission-critical support with the best customer satisfaction in the industry.  

About Cisco

Cisco is a multinational technology company that provides businesses with networking, security, and collaboration solutions. Businesses trust Cisco for performance, reliability, and comprehensive support.
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Third-Party Maintenance vs. OEM Support

Cisco support from the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) comes with a limited lifespan, leaving businesses to maintain their equipment on their own once the official support period concludes.

ReluTech third-party maintenance services offer to extend the life of your equipment, providing continued support beyond the manufacturer’s official time frame.

This alternative also presents significant cost savings at 50%-70% less than manufacturer maintenance prices. By choosing ReluTech, you gain a partner committed to maximizing the lifespan of your Cisco products plus the best customer satisfaction in the industry.

cisco third party maintenance

The Alternative to Cisco Smartnet Maintenance

Cisco SMARTNet or Smart Net Total Care is a support service offered by Cisco that provides technical support and hardware replacement. Although it offers some benefits, at ReluTech, we specialize in delivering third-party maintenance and hardware support services, making optimal performance, 24/7 support and a budget-friendly alternative for our clients our most important priority.

What Are the Benefits of Cisco Third-Party Maintenance?

Choosing ReluTech as a third-party maintenance service helps in reducing costs by 50%-70% while still providing quality service. Clients receive flexible Service Level Agreements (SLAs) along with a personalized and reliable service, ensuring an extended lifespan of Cisco equipment beyond the OEMs.

Clients can also rely on having the best customer satisfaction in the industry available around the clock, with a proactive maintenance approach, to keep everything running smoothly.

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Cisco Server & Networking Devices

ReluTech supports and supplies the following Cisco devices.

If you don’t see what you’re looking for, reach out.

Cisco Catalyst Switch

  • Catalyst 9500

  • Catalyst 9400

  • Catalyst 9300

  • Catalyst 6500

  • Catalyst 4900

  • Catalyst 4500

  • Catalyst 3850

  • Catalyst 3750

  • Catalyst 3650
  • Catalyst 3560
  • Catalyst 2950

Cisco Nexus

  • Nexus 9500

  • Nexus 9300

  • Nexus 7700

  • Nexus 7000

  • Nexus 6000

  • Nexus 5500
  • Nexus 5000

  • Nexus 4000
  • Nexus 3000
  • Nexus 3064
  • Nexus 2000

Cisco Server Devices

Cisco UCS Series

  • B-Series
  • C-Services

  • ME-Series
  • S-Series

  • 6100 Series

  • 6200 Series

  • 6300 Series

Cisco Security Appliances

  • ASA 5500 Series

Cisco MDS Fiber Switches

  • 9020 Fiber Channel Switch

  • 9120 Fiber Channel Switch

  • 9124 Fiber Channel Switch

  • 9124e Fiber Channel Switch

  • 9134 Fiber Channel Switch

  • 9140 Fiber Channel Switch

  • 9148 Fiber Channel Switch

  • 9216 Fiber Channel Switch
  • 9222i Fiber Channel Switch
  • 9250i Fiber Channel Switch
  • 9500 Fiber Channel Switch
  • 9506 Fiber Channel Switch

Cisco Service Routers

  • ISR 800

  • ISR 1000

  • ISR 1941
  • ISR 2900
  • ISR 3900
  • ISR 4000

  • ISR 7600
  • ASR 1000

  • ASR 9000

  • Aironet 2600 Series

Cisco Meraki Series

  • Meraki ANT-11
  • Meraki ANT-13
  • Meraki MR12
  • Meraki MR16
  • Meraki MR18
  • Meraki MR24
  • Meraki MR26
  • Meraki MR32
  • Meraki MR34
  • Meraki MR42
  • Meraki MR62
  • Meraki MR66
  • Meraki MR72
  • Meraki MS22
  • Meraki MS220-24 L2
  • Meraki MS220-48 L2
  • Meraki MS220-48FP L2
  • Meraki MS220-48LP L2
  • Meraki MS22P
  • Meraki MS320 Series
  • Meraki MS42
  • Meraki MS420
  • Meraki MS42P
  • Meraki MX60
  • Meraki MX60W
  • Meraki MX80
  • Meraki MX90
Cisco TPM FAQs

Do we need to purchase Cisco equipment replacement or spares directly from the OEM? What happens if we don’t?

Cisco equipment can be directly purchased through ReluTech. Clients can buy, sell, rent, or lease from entire systems to upgrades to parts directly with us at a more affordable rate. For more information, click here.

Looking for Cisco parts & hardware?

At ReluTech, we offer a comprehensive range of high-quality new and used Cisco parts. You can explore the detailed list of components by clicking here.

Cisco hardware’s lifecycle

At a certain point in time, Cisco can decide to stop a product’s sale, although customers can purchase the product until its End of Life (EOL) date. After this date, Cisco will discontinue support for this product on a designated date, called End of Service Life (EOSL) date.

During this stage, maintenance and updates for that specific hardware product are officially discontinued, encouraging businesses to consider migration to newer hardware or to explore alternative support services for continued operational efficiency. For more information, visit our Cisco EOL and EOSL section.

Flexible SLAs

ReluTech offers the industry-standard 24x7x4 and 9x5xNBD Service Level Agreements, but if neither of those fit your needs, we can design an SLA that fits your unique needs.

You don’t have to sign a one-year contract. We realize that you may have plans to decommission a system in less than a year from now, and we’re happy to be flexible with short-term or even customized contracts.



  • 24 hours per day

  • 7 days per week

  • 4 hours or less: the time it takes to get an issue diagnoses


  • 9 hours per day (8 a.m. – 5 p.m.)

  • 5 days per week (Monday – Friday)

  • On-site service will occur on a next-business-day basis from the time of diagnosis. Coverage includes call-home monitoring (if applicable), parts replacement, phone support, and on-site support

Customized SLA

Do your support needs fall outside the standards? Our team has you covered with easy flexible contracts without paying a premium for it.

  • Mix and match response times, response days, and diagnostic times (ex: 9x5x4)

  • Custom creation for your needs – such as month to month contracts, short term, and multiple OEMs under one contact

Parts Only

Do you have a team on hand that can physically replace the parts themselves? We understand you might not need our engineers to come on site.

  • We can supply you with replacement parts and if you’d like, keep them at your Data Center

  • Same day shipping available

  • Same OEM parts

  • Double the savings

  • Remote access to certified engineers

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