Enterprise IT

Hardware Rentals

ReluTech’s Enterprise IT Rental Program provides flexible and affordable solutions for short-term technology demands.

Looking For Genuine OEM Equipment?

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Our in stock equipment is fully tested and ready to ship from all major manufacturers, including Cisco, Dell, EMC, HP, IBM, NetApp, and others. Our terms are flexible and can range from 1-day to 1-year; we offer custom contracts to best fit your needs. Contact us today for any of these use cases to see how a rental solution may help:

ReluTech Cloud Factory

Cloud Migrations

Short-term capacity upgrades may be necessary while migrating to the cloud. ReluTech’s rental program allows customers to avoid costly refreshes on equipment targeted for decommissioning due to cloud migrations.

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Data Center Moves

Relocate without business disruption. Rental equipment can match your mission-critical hardware and allow for uninterrupted operations. 

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Seasonal Demands

Rentals are a cost-effective solution to seasonal demands when it doesn’t make sense to buy capacity that will be under-utilized for most of the year. ReluTech helps companies better plan for and operate during these high-demand periods with short-term solutions.

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Application Testing and Benchmarking

Developers are often stuck with ‘hand me down’ hardware that doesn’t match production environments. ReluTech’s rental program allows companies to utilize identical hardware to ensure the performance of new applications.