Hardware upgrades and parts

ReluTech offers pre-owned, refurbished, and current generation enterprise data center hardware to save you money and time. We can provide custom configured systems, as well as upgrades and parts from all major manufacturers can ship immediately – saving you up to 90% off manufacturer prices.

Looking For Genuine OEM Equipment?

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Extend The Life Of Your Data Center

ReluTech can help extend the life of your data center equipment with our inventory of certified OEM parts.

Parts and upgrades from ReluTech can save you up to 90% off manufacturer prices and usually ship immediately.

Don’t believe your VAR or Manufacturer when they tell you that it is hard to find parts for older equipment; this is often used as a sales tactic to push equipment refreshes. In fact, the opposite is true. As equipment ages past 3 years, there are nearly always large quantities of decommissioned machines, which fuels a ready supply of parts for the market.

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Extend The Life Of Your Existing Systems

  • Our extensive inventory of parts can help keep your hardware running for years to come.
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Upgrade Existing Equipment

  • Upgrade existing equipment for a fraction of new equipment prices.
  • Add disk storage or memory at a fraction of new prices.
  • Upgrade processors with refurbished parts.
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Fix Faulty Hardware No Longer Under Warranty

  • Replace faulty equipment for companies that are self-maintaining.
  • Test/Dev gear or DR systems can be kept running indefinitely.