Migration Gap Rental

Certified pre-owned, refurbished, and current generation enterprise data center hardware to save you money and time during your migration. Custom configured systems, upgrades and parts from all major manufacturers can ship immediately – saving you between 50%-90% off manufacturer prices.

Looking For Genuine OEM Equipment?

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Data Center Hardware

Your goal when moving a legacy data center environment to AWS should be to avoid any new equipment refreshes or purchases. Buying expensive new equipment only to quickly decommission it could eliminate the financial advantages of moving to AWS. 

However, aging infrastructure may no longer meet your needs or critical systems may need refreshing before your AWS Migration can be completed. ReluTech’s certified pre-owned, refurbished, and current generation data center hardware can save you money and time. We can immediately ship custom configured systems, upgrades, and parts from all major manufacturers, while saving you up to 90% off manufacturer prices.

Strategies to Match Migration Schedules

ReluTech provides organizations with remarkable budget savings and asset protection on pre-owned and new surplus data center hardware, as well as upgrades from the leading manufacturers. We even offer short-term rental solutions that can match your migration schedule. Our goal is to help you lower your costs of legacy data center equipment, allowing you to repurpose funds to your AWS migration.