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As a worldwide leader in IT equipment resale, ReluTech provides certified equipment at up to 90% less than manufacturer list prices. We can buy your entire data center of IT equipment and provide equipment sales or rentals for hardware from all major manufacturers.

Looking For Genuine OEM Equipment?

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Enterprise IT Hardware Purchase

ReluTech helps companies decommission entire data centers. In the process, we house a huge inventory of used equipment from all major manufacturers, available at a fraction of the cost. Our customers utilize us for OEM-certified equipment that is guaranteed to work. 

  • Stay flexible and avoid vendor lock-in
  • All major OEMs are covered (IBM, Cisco, Dell, EMC, NetApp, HP, etc.)
  • Buy, sell, rent, or lease everything from entire systems to upgrades to parts
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Enterprise IT Hardware Rentals

ReluTech’s enterprise IT rental program provides flexible and affordable solutions for short-term technology demands. Our rental solutions may help with:

  • Cloud migrations
  • Data center migrations
  • Seasonal demands
  • Application testing and benchmarking
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    Upgrades and Parts in Stock

    Extend the life of your current IT hardware with genuine OEM parts and upgrades at huge savings! 

    • We house a huge inventory of parts; through ReluTech’s asset disposition and data center decommissioning projects, we have parts for nearly every possible data center server, storage, or network device.
    • Upgrade, don’t refresh. Conserve capital by upgrading your current systems at up to 90% less than buying new hardware.
    • We provide a quick turn-around; from quote to shipping, we can handle most requests in 24 hours.

      We’re equipped to provide you with the maintenance, hardware purchase, or rental agreements you need on server, storage, and network equipment.

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      Hardware Lines

      These are the most common hardware lines that we rent, sell, and support. Click on the logos to learn more about how we can help you.

      Don’t see what you’re looking for? No worries — contact us for other manufacturers.

      • 6500 Series

      • 5000 Series

      • 4000 Series

      • 300 Series

      • DCX

      • Foundry

      • UCS

      • Nexus
      • Catalyst
      • ASA
      • ISR
      • MDS
      • PowerEdge

      • PowerVault
      • PowerConnect
      • EqualLogic
      • Compellent
      • VNX

      • VMAX
      • Isilon
      • Unity
      • CLAIRiiON
      • Data Domain
      • Vblock
      • Connectrix
      • AMS

      • VSP
      • USP, USP V, USP VM
      • HUS100 Series
      • HUS-VM
      • HCP
      • HNAS
      • ProLiant

      • Synergy
      • Apollo
      • Integrity
      • MSA
      • 3PAR
      • EVA
      • MSL
      • ProCurve
      • Aruba
      • FlashSystem/ Storwize
      • DS Storage
      • XIV Storage
      • TS Storage
      • Power Series
      • Z Series
      • System X
      • N Series
      • EX-Series

      • QFX-Series
      • MX-Series
      • SRX-Series
      • ACX-Series
      • CTP-Series
      • FAS2000 Series

      • FAS3000 Series
      • FAS6000 Series
      • FAS8000 Series
      • V-Series
      • AFF A-Series
      • SPARC T5

      • SPARC T4
      • SPARC T3
      • SunFire
      • StorageTek

      Case Studies & FAQs

      An IT Company in South Carolina Streamlined Its Maintenance Contracts

      by ReluTech | Jan 8, 2021

      read more

      How Is ReluTech's Price So Much Lower Than The OEM's Price?

      ReluTech’s prices are derived from determining the likely cost of a contract over time. We provide fair prices that are designed to help customers maximize the useful life of their systems. Ultimately, the question becomes, “Why are OEM prices so high?” The answer is that most OEMs artificially inflate the price of maintenance renewals so customers have an incentive to buy the latest generation of technology. The OEM’s inflated prices are why ReluTech’s prices are usually 40-80% less expensive. 

      Is Monitoring Included?

      For many storage arrays, ReluTech is able to use the native email alerting features to redirect call-home alerts. This is done as a best practice at no charge. For equipment that doesn’t have a call-home feature, we offer a monitoring add-on option (at an additional cost) using a third-party software. Consult your account executive for options here.

      Do I Still Have Access To Software Updates?

      As a general rule, third-party maintenance providers are not permitted to provide software patches or updates, as they are intellectual property of the manufacturer (There are a few notable exceptions in which we can legally acquire software, so consult your account executive if there’s a specific system or product line you’re curious about). 

      Since software updates are proprietary, third-party support may not make sense in all situations, particularly those in which compliance or internal policy dictate that you have ongoing access to the newest OS versions. However, most organizations choose TPM despite this limitation for the following reasons:

      • The OS is stable. By the time the initial manufacturer warranty expires, a storage, server, or networking platform is usually at least 4-5 years, meaning the OS has stabilized. This is because the vast majority of bugs are found and resolved within the first 2-3 years of a platform’s release (the same can arguably be said for any meaningful updates the OEM releases for a platform as well). This is why many customers upgrade once or twice a year in the first few years of ownership but slow that pace dramatically as the system gets older.
      • The customer is not adding any new applications. When it comes to shared storage, one software-related concern may be that you bring on an application that doesn’t play well with your semi-outdated OS iteration. This is an unlikely scenario in the first place, but most of our customers have a fairly static purpose for any storage that is 3+ years old and they’re simply trying to extend its useful life by a few years.
      • Updates are available until your OEM support contract expires. As a customer, you can protect yourself to a certain extent by downloading any patches or updates that are available prior to going off OEM support, even if you choose to apply them at a later time. For the most part, our customers who do this never choose to apply the update, but they see it as a precautionary best practice.
      • The OEM has moved on. The OEM overcharges for maintenance renewals because they want to push customers to prematurely refresh to the latest, more expensive generation. In many cases, the OEM has shifted its engineering focus away from the legacy platform you are using in favor of the new product line it wants you to buy. As a result, updates for legacy product lines are few and far between.

      The cost savings are enormous. We understand there is usually some perceived level of risk associated with losing the ability to update software. However, ReluTech supports hundreds of customers and thousands of systems, and we have never encountered a situation in which a customer cannot operate a system because a software update was unavailable. We encourage our potential customers to compare our renewal prices to the OEM prices, consider how much risk is really involved, and perform a basic risk-reward analysis to decide for themselves if TPM is a wise decision. More often than not, we believe it is.

      Can ReluTech Service My Area?

      ReluTech supports systems across the globe and we can provide 24x7x4 coverage for every major North American market. If your equipment is located within 100 miles of a major North American city, we can service it. For certain remote areas more than 100 miles from a major city, ReluTech may only be able to provide next-business-day service, but it is best to check with your account executive to see what level(s) of coverage we can provide.